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Orange you glad it's Friday?

I can't say it's been a massively exciting week
But it's always great to get to Friday.

For all the other 'work in progress' Mum's out there, 
Surviving Year 12 we made it.  Flowers for you. 
'Orange you glad it's Friday'?

Roses for all Mothers!
We went to a brilliant parenting talk last night
given by Michael Carr Gregg
child and adolescent psychologist.
We learned that 'no child ever died of an untidy room,'
'their rooms just reflects the state of their brains...' 
and that the rational planning part of the brain 
doesn't fully develop until at least 23 years old...

I remembered this today when Daughter No 2 
currently backpacking round California
posted a tweet "just jumped out of a plane"

Daughter No 1 in Africa has been quiet, too quiet.
With no contact for ten days.
she finally surfaced in a hotel room in Liberia,
there because they needed electricity
to write their end of course reports.
Thank goodness for Wifi and Facebook
Did I just say that?!

Bronze Crocodile, Liberia - Natural History Museum New York
Our son is at home in the nest 
in the middle of his final year mid term exams... 

Studying hard at our place!
It's been a big week.
Which could explain why this crazy soccer Mum, 
is hanging out for the upcoming Queens Birthday holiday weekend. 

All Wren'lets are accounted for, 
and there is nothing much on the agenda!

A weekend off from Soccer
With a weekend off soccer fixtures, this frees up at least nine hours in the weekend of watching, transporting and chopping oranges.
I'm not at the Gym at the moment
since walking up 1000 steps with a dodgy knee on Monday, 
that gives me another extra three hours in my weekend...

We can't stay in Melbourne without heating (says me!)

So we're off to the beach.

Looking forward to some fresh sea air.

The crazy poodle is too.

Have a great weekend!

Orange You Glad It's Friday


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