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Thanks a minion!

My life's not all posh frocks and fascinators you know. It's the Aussie Party season and they're coming thick and fast... Crazy Poodle licks his lips still from all the treats following his photoshoot below! Last Friday was our Volunteer party with a theme of Superheros and Villains. With over one thousand volunteers,  it was always going to be quite some do. As it was, quite some 'to-do,' to work out  what on earth to wear! I decided to go as Wonder Woman  until I was politely reminded that   volunteers are the superheros, staff were supposed to be the villains...  Oops! Bit disappointed not, about missing out on all that lycra! What on earth to wear - Footscray street art from our building. Luckily, we have an amazing staff team,  resourcefulness is what we do best. One of our team values is humour, fun and celebration and this came to the fore last weekend - BIG time. We're going as the loveable villains Minions from Desp

Sizzling Sydney

This time last week we were in Sydney We were there to celebrate, live it up and relax! The Good: It was an interesting weekend to say the least. First stop was a return to the hotel where a year ago I saw the naked man on the balcony. Do you remember the Adventure before Dementia post ?! I haven't forgotten: 'Fifty something, mother of three,  just released after twenty plus years of juvenile detention,  caught up in Sydney sex pest ring.' So the usual thing happens, we get up at 4am take the early flight to Sydney and I'm standing at the hotel check-in bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and early. Without my trump card of a husband (that sounds a bit rude) but literally doors open for these guys who travel so much, they have extra wallets for all the various loyalty hotel cards... So it's little old me,  and the receptionist is telling me  my room won't be ready for another five hours.  I'm wondering whether to pull the 

My Sunday Photo: Paris

When I think back to my carefree  summer in Paris  and  remembering all my favourite things, it  seems so long ago.  Paris the city of dreams;  Stylish , sophisticated, cultural,  historic, artistic, sporting,  memorable, beautiful. Paris the City of Love is now the city of heartbreak. Whereas once we had lots of words to describe Paris, this weekend, we have none.

Fab Florence - You've got the love, we've got the moves!

Florence and the Machine Sidney Myer Music Bowl   Melbourne, Australia  Wednesday 11th November Woo Hoo. Look at us!  The whole family enjoying indie rock band Florence and the Machine  in Melbourne this week Such fun, up the front amongst the Bands friends.  When Florence Welch says 'turn and hug the people around you', you do as told. I hugged a very glamorous lady next to me,  'Who are you?' I asked, "I'm the backing singers friend," she replied!  'Who are you???' she questioned. " I'm Little Wandering Wren" I replied  "Oh!" she said  I think I carried it off well. Until the 'Psst Mum, what are you doing?' I'm dancing, like Florence! I replied. 'No, Mum, no!' How then?  'When in doubt copy the backing singers' moves' says daughter no 1 I think we carried it off well Me, my daughter, the backing singers and the backing singer's friend

Melbourne Cup dream!

'Winning at the Melbourne Cup has always been a dream' M.J. Payne Watching the race from the rails  'Once the Melbourne Cup starts it is hard to explain,  it is not like any other race... Watching the presentation of the Jockeys from Members Then at the 300m I thought, I don't think anything can beat me now' M.J. Payne Flemington magic Our Melbourne Cup morning starts at the iconic downtown Windsor Hotel. We enter the lobby and are offered a glass of champagne . Mr Wren starts to explain we are not hotel guests ' Sir, you are in the Windsor now' he is told. Hats off to that service! Table display in the foyer at the Windsor Hotel along with my hat! 'The race that stops the nation' and catapults one Michelle Payne  into the limelight  as the first female jockey to win the Cup, is six hours away. Our breakfast with friends at the Windsor Hotel is lovely and relaxed. It would have been a ve

Melbourne Cup triumphs!

Changing of the Guards I'm rather chuffed with this photo  taken in the exclusive Birdcage just hours  before our Aussie race that stops the nation. The Birdcage is the poshest enclosure at the Melbourne Cup.  It's home to celebrities, the creme de la creme of society,  full VRC members  and the hottest tickets to party. I know, I know goodness knows what we were doing in there! It was a bit surreal really, wandering or should I say tottering around the Birdcage.  Trying not to look gob-smacked at every turn. At times I could have been forgiven for thinking I was back home in Blighty. Firstly there was Bar Schweppes,  all Pimms and Gin & Tonics and then slightly  bizarrely  Emirates with it's "Hello England' theme... Apparently these Queens Guards did a rather good Hip Hop dance routine ! This was all just hours before Michelle Payne, first female  jockey winner of the Melbourne Cup  told everyone, what we

Melbourne Cup - in the pink!

It's Melbourne Cup weekend  and I've had five days off work - Yay! Only in Australia would the horse 'race that stops the nation' be cause for a day, or two, depending on where you work, off work. The Melbourne Cup Carnival 2015  is spread over four days,  each day has a different style and feel. Getting raceday ready takes effort, as there is strict racewear etiquette. Think sophistication, think classy think Wren in a blind panic! Whilst I could possibly pull something out of the wardrobe for Derby Day, which is all about the timeless elegance of black & white. Well sort of...  Melbourne Cup  is all about striking colours and a statement hat Hmmmm, I've got my own interpretation of this. I've got myself a pink hat,  some pink shoes and a pink bag, Pink fingers and pink toes... I'm not sure what type of a statement I am going to make... I think I'm going to look a bit like the dolly-mixture sweets! I

My Sunday Photo

It's Melbourne Cup weekend. The horse race that stops a nation. Here's a teaser of what I will be wearing on Tuesday... Some pink shoes, a pink hat  and no doubt a touch of dog hair! Linking with Saturday Critters Thanks Eileen!