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You know you're home in the Cotswolds when....

Would you like to take a little wander with me  in the picturesque West Oxfordshire Cotswold village of Clanfield?
You know you're home in England when the local Inn is called The Plough...

Spring is a lovely time to visit this pretty village.  The daffodils are adding a cheery burst of colour against the Cotswold stone wall

Every house has a certain charm, even on a grey day...

Blakes Kitchen in the old Post Office has done wonders for village life. It used to be that you would stay home and invite your friends around for a nice cup of tea. Why we always say 'would you like to come round for a nice cup of tea'? I'll never know.
Why stay home when the choices are way more exciting in the local cafe from a cappuccino to a local beer, cider or Cotswold gin.
They even have a micro-bakery With lots of Easter Hot X Buns of course... oops sorry one's missing!
What a good use of the old British Telecom telephone boxes,  now used to store the emergency defibrillator.  I…

Our balcony Sunbirds!

Something beautiful is happening at our place, I can hear the little birds sing!
This is no mean feat as we live way up high, above the 30th floor.
I love my new apartment it is just perfect, except that I missed the birds.

Then guess what? Two of the cutest little Thai Sunbirds decided to join us and build a nest.
Talk about the happiest bird watch ever!
Let's go back a bit and remind you about my Bangkok life. I've arrived in this great city from Melbourne Australia. Where I have a garden that I love and although the birds are a little cautious about visiting us, on account of the Crazy Poodle, we enjoyed all manner of what I think of as exotic birds - bright parrots, laughing kookaburras etc

Our first Bangkok apartment at Embassy Place was chosen for it's amazing position overlooking one of the US Embassy compounds. The American Ambassador in Bangkok, has a nice pad. Combined with the tranquil Embassy Place gardens, our outlook was green and lush, and all the little birds (in…