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My Sunday Photo

'We're a happy team at HawthornWe're the mighty fighting HawksWe love our team and we play to win...'
There is no better place than with 100,000 footy fans at the  Melbourne Cricket Ground on Grand Final Day.
This photo was taken by Mr Wren & Daughter No 1 I was at home watching it on the telly with the Crazy Poodle!
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Hong Kong - it's a dogs dinner

You either get the place or you don't...
Love it, or hate it, it's always great to be back in Honkers.  It's eight years since we left, yet I still get the 'bright lights' frisson of excitement, the moment I get off the plane. It's when you feel that wall of humidity hit, your hair gives you the real meaning of frizz-on, and that 'Fragrant Harbour' smell starts the assaults on your senses. 
And you yell out in fine voice 'Honey, I'm Home!'  and the polite crowd of Hong Kong Chinese around you,  smile awkwardly and continue playing on their Iphones.  'Oops, sorry, pardon me for my over-exuberance!'
Two minutes in the Hotel check-in line, becomes two hours  and all because you are handed your room key for two  and told breakfast is for one.  You ask whether you can have breakfast for two  but your name is not on the list,  so after much checking it is confirmed, with a nod,  'yes, one included breakfast only'.
and it all comes flooding back.…