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Happy Australia Day 2015

(For GYB 2015 click here)
It's our Australia Day weekend where we celebrate our National Day.
We managed to winkle our American guests away from Melbourne Park tennis for a quick trip  to the Mornington Peninsula and some well deserved rest and relaxation.
A gentle sea breeze was perfect for our  impromptu flag raising ceremony. Which unlike at Parliament House,  involved Mr Wren with a pair of pliers,  as the salt air had wedged the clips shut!

The next thing we do is kick off our shoes  and head to the water for some ocean therapy...
We did have a laugh at the 'lost in translation' moment  hearing shoes called "thongs." Flip flops to me... 'What the...?' cry the Americans

The surfers in our group had driven ahead but had been disappointed not to catch any good waves only a good dunkin'!
Still the wild waters make for some good photos Here is our favourite, Rye ocean beach.
Gotta love it down here,
it may be the busiest weekend of the year
but we can still have the beach to o…


Hello and welcome to my sunny part of the world!My name is Wren from Melbourne,  Australia.Little Wandering Wren is a photo blog about life Down Under and beyond. I have a sports mad family with a crazy poodle, a smattering of teenage dramas  and an ever ready packed suitcase, in case it all gets too much  as I love to travel!
You've landed here at a good time as  it's Australia Day weekend and we're celebrating our National Day.
So with a loud  'Aussie, Aussie, Aussie  Oi, Oi, Oi' let me show you around my blog  and introduce you to a few people.
Here I am and this is me!  A crazy soccer and tennis Mum.   A yoga loving, zen seekingtraveller  who likes beetroot but hates cooking, who loves her garden, the changing seasons.
and listening to the little birds sing.

A Mother Wrenwho in a previous generation
would probably be an empty nester by now.
Even though two of the three wrenlets 
flew the nest to the USA and Africa last year
they seem to return for an endless student life 
... and whe…

Asian Cup 2015

January was always going to be a cracker of a sporting month!
We've got a tennis grand slam  and Asia's most significant football tournament happening in this household at the moment.

We are volunteering at the Asian Cup,  whilst housing for the Australian Open.
Talk about busy and exciting!

So you will find me on match days   nattily dressed in a pair of bright orange  "does my bum look big in this?" shorts down at Melbourne's Rectangular Stadium.

I am, in case you wondered,  supposedly dressed to look like a ray of Australian sunshine. How lovely I hear you say!

I'm not sure whether we are the only family  who are volunteering together, but needless to say,  my son and daughter both look terrific in their uniforms, and me, well...

Not since daughter Number 2 was eighteen months old have we been decked out in the same attire. I have a feeling that it might be another twenty years before this historic event repeats itself...

As a sport, and especially a soccer mad family,  it felt im…

Mornington Peninsula holiday

Welcome to our Aussie summer holidays.
We're on the Mornington Peninsula,
 only an hours drive from Melbourne, Australia.

Melburnians are spoilt for choice for 
local holiday options. 
But it didn't take long after our arrival Down Under for 
'The Pen' to become our local holiday destination of choice.

We especially love the choice of seaside and countryside.
Our lazy days soon fill up. We're busy doing nothing!

With an abundance of choice of things to do, and places to visit, 
we find that everyday is different.

My Christmas holiday started at the Peninsula Hot Springs
bathing in the hot mineral waters 
and enjoying a treatment at the Spa Dreaming Centre...
Everything else was Peninsula bliss after this!

Boxing day finds us on the start line of the 
annual Melbourne to Tasmania Yacht race 
admiring some rather gorgeous boats...

From then onwards it's our own race against time to fit in everything 
we want to do before city life again beckons...

We love the pretty seaside villages…