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My Wanderlust Roots!

Five Countries, two Kingdoms and a dog waiting in Melbourne. Here's my week in a nutshell.

Cor Blimey, we've had it all this week weather-wise. All I can say is lucky that I am going on to an Aussie winter after this unscheduled visit to the United Kingdom. I have packed some winter woollies, so I'm fully equipped for a British Summer. 
The United Kingdom is, after arriving on a scorcher on last week, currently sitting at wet and rainy, whilst the Kingdom of Thailand is pretty much the same, except it's the rainy season with 95% humidity.
I love the weather reporters here with their cheery comments: "There is no such thing as bad weather only inappropriate clothing!"

Ha I have just realised I have swapped one Kingdom for another... What am I on? Don't worry I'm not getting any airs and graces, but really is it any wonder if I'm getting rather delirious?

I met two ladies from Saudi Arabia waiting for the bus the other day. We did as all good Brits do, even…

The Melbourne Homecoming.

I had planned to be in Melbourne, Australia this week, our first return visit  after leaving two of our adult kids in charge of the house and our beloved dog.
The move to Bangkok, was not going to suit our adorable Crazy Poodle, he does not like change at the best of times. The climate and humidity of Thailand, plus our on-the-road lifestyle meant he was going to be best left, even if slightly bored,  in his home environment.
So the kids have lucked out and have ended up remaining in our family home when logic would say move them into a smaller apartment... Mostly because I wanted the dog to be happy!
Bless, here he is! Before:


Do you think there might have been a little bit of clean-up going on  for our return? I mean if the dog's transformation is anything to go by,  just think what could have been done spring cleaning the house?!
POSTSCRIPT: Things did not quite work out as planned.   I am now with family in the UK, not Australia following my Grand Mother's recent passing. Love you…

Pad Thai Eyes In Bangkok

When you are new in a place, or in my case a country, you see things for the first time and they are wondrous and amazing. Mostly. But what if you couldn't see any of it? 
In the past few months, I have got to know some of the awesome team at People Eye Care Foundation. The PECF hold monthly eye care camps in rural areas and have helped restore eyesight in 37,000 people over the past 27 years in Thailand.
I know you are thinking how in the dickens did you go from refugees to the blind in the blink of an eye? Well, let me save that for another day, except to say that when I see an organisation that is all Heart with a capital H, I am happy to do my bit...
So today my bit is to share their story with my friends and readers around the world. It would be hard to live in Thailand with no vision. Just take walking around for a start. This country must be a world leader in uneven pavements and trip hazards, there is more than one of us ladies walking around with broken bones and bruises cau…

Good, Random, Fun from Thailand!

Welcome, Sawasdee Kha!  We've just returned from a long weekend away, and I need to lighten up after being immersed in the grueling history of the River Kwai, Death Railway and Hellfire Pass. It was a moving trip especially wandering amongst the thousands of war graves in the cemeteries, but I'll save this for another more solemn day.

The Good

So let me take you back to วัดสมานรัตนาราม จ.ฉะเชิงเทรา Wat Saman Rattanaram in Chachoengsao, about one hour out of Bangkok where we saw the incredible pink reclining Ganesha elephant in the last post.

This Wat, or temple has been referred by some as a religious theme park. It's bright and perhaps gaudy temple complex is designed to appeal to the masses and is stuffed full of every conceivable religious and spiritual shrine going, plus a few Superheroes. It is one of many ingenious ways to attract donations to fund the construction of a hospital for the local community.

Other than finding the largest Ganesha in Thailand, certainly one wi…

Bangkok looking pretty in pink!

Bangkok life is certainly bright and cheery. Here are five of my best feel good photos from the week!

1. Take these little plastic cups of roses which I bought from a lady on the street for 40 Baht (just over a $1 USD or just under 1GBP.) What a bargain! 

I found that much as I love having fresh flowers in the house, the humidity turns the water really smelly, rather quickly. So I am happy with these roses, they only last a day or two but that's fine. Even if I have a slight fear that I should be taking them to a shrine or placing on someone's tomb? If you know the answer to this do let me know!

2. Our local shopping centre had a Thai flower garland demonstration, just look at all the work involved in these beautiful creations. My life here in Bangkok is still so new, even though I have now been out of Australia for twenty weeks, only eight have been spent in Thailand, I am still at that stage of "wow" at some of the things I see - long may it continue!

These colourful ga…