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Planes, trains and automobiles ... and Uber!

Dear Blog...I'm sorry I've not been paying you much attention, I've been busy!  I've thrown out my soy decaf cappuccino days 
and life of computing,  for a double espresso and life of commuting.
Thank you for all your letters of concern regarding my work induced chick pea rash. It's clearing up nicely thank you!

It's a bloomin' good job that my return to Australia last month
saw me like some Whirling Dervish domestic goddess
It's not like that now, and again we've run out of milk!

Those first few weeks back from trialling Mr Wren's retirement plan  of enjoying European summers,  I called it market research,  he calls it  'swanning off round the world', were flat out!
Everything that could be fixed and mended was,
 even the dog, who to be fair, did have an ear infection!
 He carries on like such a pork chop when we take him to the vets, 
wagging his tail at the receptionist but trembling, shaking...

Anyone would think I'd just said 'can you put …

My Sunday Photo

Spring is in the air This weekend we took a trip to the Mornington Peninsula Gotta love the beaches there before the summer crowds arrive Just us and the waves...

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When two worlds collide...

'Everybody's looking for a new horizon Everybody wants to leave the world behind them'Delta Goodrem Wings

I’ve been running on adrenalin, limited sleep, and a load of beautiful Ethiopian coffee from the Addis coffee shop, next to our Centre. I’ve got a rash, itchy like a million mossie bites across my body. It’s some allergic reaction. I’ve been overdosing on chick peas and ha, I wonder if that’s the cause?! 
We get free lunches and dinners at work, a bunch of amazing volunteers collect donated food from around Melbourne and cook up a feast. On Wednesday nights when we work till 8pm, our Members cook for everyone. Our Members are Asylum Seekers. 
I’ve been eating a lot of chick peas! I’ve been doing a lot of work :)
'Everybody's looking for a new horizon Everybody's looking for a second chance' 
I now work in the not-for-profit sector. After years of working in a corporate environment, and many more as a stay at home Mum, albeit one who has always given freely of…

The Japanese have arrived!

'We three Kings Queens of Orient are Bearing gifts we travel afar...'

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