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Life is not about finding ourselves it is about creating ourselves! George Bernard Shaw

Cooee! It's me calling in from Thailand. Sorry, it's been a while, it's been a tad busy. Still, we've not done badly. We've moved into our temporary apartment and are well on the way to finding something more permanent. We're overlooking the American Embassy compound, which is acres of impressive greenery in amongst the high rise buildings. I love it, I can even hear the little birds sing in the morning.
So welcome to my new life as .... drum roll please, Hmmm actually, I have no bleedin’ idea, so how about Bangkok Blogger for now?
How would you feel if you were to arriving in a new country, where you know no-one, and you're not even sure what your life will entail? For me, it was a feeling of excitement, crossed with a rolling of the eyes, a smile and my 'here we go again' expression. 
Of course, this always happens Mr Wren was away travelling and so I rocked up for …
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Valentine's Day Surprise

Happy Valentine's Day How did it go at your place? 
I have loved reading some of your blog posts featuring your Valentine crafts and seeing homes so beautifully decorated. No such fuss at our place, Mr Wren and I had a pact. No fuss this year!

I do have a chuckle though every time we come home as this is what we see! Hey, not bad for me making no effort at all, is it?
You see we are waiting to move into our new nest, in the meantime, we are staying at the rather gorgeous Dusit Thani hotel. They along with everyone in this crazy city seem to embraced Valentine's Day with several million teddy bears!

The Thais are loving (excuse the pun) making a fuss of Valentine's Day Everywhere we go each shopping Centre is decked out in LOVE and roses. It is great to see the colour returned to the streets and the people smiling after last year's somberness following the passing of their adored King. 
So imagine my surprise  when I was given this vase of beautiful orchids this morning.

There was a …

Sawasdee from Thailand

Honey, I'm home!  My wonderful summer in Australia ended all too soon and before I knew it, I was back to pick up the pieces of my Thai life.
I knew I was back when life is full of 'oh my gosh, look at that' moments!

If there was one person who was none too impressed with wandering off into the sunset (or in this case trying to sneak out without him noticing!) it was the Crazy Poodle. He's normally a happy, easy going Cavoodle dog, with oodles of energy and a real zest for life.
He limped around wailing, off his food, the kids took him to the vets only to present me with a hefty bill and the comment the Vet thinks he's faking it!
Ohhh, Bless he is so hard to leave but the good news is that he is back to bouncing around, so who knows!

To distract myself I have thrown myself into a new course learning about Thai history and culture as a potential National Museum Guide. It has been full on, being two or three times a week, with pre-reading.
The course is either held at the N…

It's love all here!

Greetings from Melbourne, Australia. Excuse me for being absent, we've been busy watching tennis and playing...
with cats!

We're in the middle of the Australian Open and between frequent visits to Melbourne Park, we took time out to visit my daughter's friend who was fostering three kittens from the Lost Dogs (and cats) Home. 

This little cutie, soon made herself comfy in the middle of the tennis shoes and was quite the star of the show. If she hadn't already been adopted, I could almost see her on tour, next stop Roland Garros!

The players always have plenty of opportunities to get to know our Aussie animals with an up close and personal experience with various Aussie animals taken into the Players area (see last years post here).

This year there was an Australia Zoo room full of toy kangaroos, koalas, and the like, for the players to chose with tickets to the local zoos and animal sanctuaries.

I'm pretty sure a kitty experience would have been a big hit also!

Of …

Happy New Year

Wishing you a very happy, healthy and peaceful 2018  from my garden in Melbourne, Australia. After our year of living in Bangkok and a huge amount of travel,  it has been lovely to be at home for six weeks.
I will be here for the whole of January  it is my favourite time of year in Melbourne,  the city is quiet with lots of families away at the beach and then there is the tennis, which I wouldn't miss for the world.  This is our 10th year hosting players competing at the Australian Open.  So spoiler alert, there will be a lot of tennis pics coming up!

We regrouped as a family, minus our eldest daughter who lives in London,  with a short dog-friendly Great Ocean Road break. We stayed at Countrywide cottages,  a beautiful property set in the Australian bush Where the birds would visit daily.  

It was an exhausting holiday for our crazy poodle,  with lots of walks, who may not be quite a fit as a year ago when we left him!

For the first year in many, we had a city, not beach Christmas. My daughter and…

Oh Christmas Tree!

The evergreen fir Christmas Tree, the symbol of Christmas. Get it right and it's adored, get it wrong and  ... you could be at our place!

Last Christmas I was in Bangkok apartment hunting ahead of our Thailand relocation. I had no clue as I searched for any signs of Christmas, that this was due the death of the much-loved King Bhumibol Adulyadej. I did wonder how it would be living in a country where Christmas appeared non-existent. 
Unbeknown to me, what I was witnessing was not a Country that did not wish to mark Christmas, but a country in mourning. Most celebrations were cancelled or at the very least subdued out of a mark of respect.
I can only understand the real impact of this seeing the tremendous effort which has gone into celebrations in 2017. The Thais put on a great Christmas, despite it not being a holiday that they celebrate. It is a normal working day, which is a bit of a shock to some of my friends whose husbands will be working!
In Asia often trees have been adapted as …

Seeking Mr Right in Nha Trang, Vietnam

We ended up in Nha Trang, Vietnam entirely on a 'that looks nice' decision looking at the Luxury Escapes website. Outside of Australia, you may not know Luxury Escapes. It’s an Australian company offering affordable luxury in high-end hotels usually in destinations which need their profile building.
I barely knew of the coastal resort of Nha Trang  despite it being known as the Riviera of the South China Sea.

It’s a part of South Vietnam that is about to explode as a destination judging by the mass of property development. It has a very pretty six-kilometre stretch of white sandy beaches, with abundant marine life, in a huge bay with nineteen islands to explore and a mountainous backdrop.
It is well discovered amongst Russians and the Chinese but our circle of friends we less impressed, preferring Da Nang or the more historic Hanoi.  So it was with slight trepidation that we arrive a Nha Trang, a one hour flight from Ho Chi Ming City. We could see immediately the Russian influenc…

Moving on in Vietnam.

I've never liked Vietnam as a holiday destination.  This puts me at odds with most people who go there and love it.  They love the culture, the food, the cities, the shopping and the beaches...
For sure it is as interesting as the rest of Asia, but for me, I could never escape the weight of history. I found the constant setting the scene in terms of the Vietnam war as quite frankly so horrific, that it would impact on my holiday. 

I won't repeat what we already know about the Vietnam war, described as one of the US's most controversial military campaigns. Australia's involvement included nearly 60,000 Australian military personnel on the ground. Mental and physical scars run deep across the world.
I found that on previous holidays the average Vietnamese tour guide was so concerned to set everything we saw in terms of its context if any, to the Vietnam war that it always impacted on my mood. At one point it was so bad  we would say 'No, we're British, we weren't …