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Good, Random, Fun in Bangkok

Hello everyone, how are you today? I hope you are keeping well in these strange Coronavirus times. All is good with us in Thailand, we are still socially distancing at home. So for a little distraction thank you for joining me for some Good, Random, Fun!


I love the way our COVID-19 lockdowns across the world have started a flurry of communications with friends and family across the globe. 
Today I have a Zoom conference call with the D-block girls. Us D-block girls were thrown together in university dorms back in the day. If we all make the call, this will be the first time we have all been together since the late 1980s!
We have also been invited to join House Party meetups with our kids in Australia and Europe. Between this, and WhatsApp calls, which always seem to have the video turned on, there is nowhere to hide.


Anyone else finding the pressure of all these video calls is doing wonders for NOT slobbing around in your trackie daks all day? 
Not only am I dressing smarter than…

Greetings from Thailand - Waving not drowning!

Greetings from Bangkok. Here I am your little Wren - waving not drowning at you!

This was the name of the bath bombs I used to buy from Lush on arrival for a new life in Australia. It was sold as a fast fizzer, soothing and calming as it contained lavender and ylang-ylang. It was perfect for me all those years ago moving into the unknown.

I have a feeling 'waving not drowning' bath bombs sadly no longer sold, would be good for us all now. If anyone wants to set up a fast business, I'll buy enough for the entire world and let's see what we can do!

Here in Thailand, we are doing fine. I feel like the whole world has now caught up with coronavirus dramas which were uppermost in my mind (amongst other things!) for my last "Little Wobbly Wren' post.

An earlier post Life and Travel in Covid-19 Times  will bring you up to date with some of the actions we have been taking to keep ourselves safe at this time in our part of the world.

We like many are staying home and self-i…