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Greetings from Thailand - Waving not drowning!

Greetings from Bangkok. Here I am your little Wren - waving not drowning at you!

This was the name of the bath bombs I used to buy from Lush on arrival for a new life in Australia. It was sold as a fast fizzer, soothing and calming as it contained lavender and ylang-ylang. It was perfect for me all those years ago moving into the unknown.

I have a feeling 'waving not drowning' bath bombs sadly no longer sold, would be good for us all now. If anyone wants to set up a fast business, I'll buy enough for the entire world and let's see what we can do!

Here in Thailand, we are doing fine. I feel like the whole world has now caught up with coronavirus dramas which were uppermost in my mind (amongst other things!) for my last "Little Wobbly Wren' post.

An earlier post Life and Travel in Covid-19 Times  will bring you up to date with some of the actions we have been taking to keep ourselves safe at this time in our part of the world.

We like many are staying home and self-isolating. I am very, very respectful of the potential for this virus to be utterly destructive and I am holding my breath for my loved ones across the globe.

But there is the sense for someone like me that is a planner and organiser that life is so utterly unpredictable that I'm beyond the panic and into the fascination. It is at times simply so unbelievable that I don't know how to react. We are trying to keep calm and carry-on.

My family are social distancing on three continents across the world. Working from home has been the norm in Melbourne, London and Bangkok. In Australia, our Crazy Poodle is having the best time. After three years where he became used to weekday social isolation, he's loving everyone at home! Here he is showing his full excitement for his sporadic walks!

I've decided that COVID is a great dogs name! What do you think? Was it in Italy where people are allowed out to walk the dog and that owners are hiring out dogs and making a fortune from those who are going stir crazy confined to indoors? I'm sensing a whole new life for the old dog yet!

We are setting up new routines, Mr Wren is working from home and we've added a lot of rescue remedy and yoga into daily life, oh and as we have British roots there is a lot of tea being drunk. In England, a nice cuppa is always on offer at times of need...

Here in Bangkok, we've been asked by the Thai Government to follow social distancing and I have got to know our apartment building very well. We are managing to stay within the complex - I even walked down 35 flights of stairs yesterday!

The biggest joy of all was when our Thai Sunbirds returned to nest. There has been much chirping and excitement at our place recently. We are so grateful to these little birds for setting up a nest with us. You can read all about it here:

I never knew when I wrote an article on Forest Bathing in late 2019 how we might yearn for this in today's crazy world.  

Won't you join me and some lovely Bangkok friends as we discover Forest Bathing? We learn how to experience it, what are the benefits and why everyone should go hug a tree. That is of course if you are able to safely get out and about...

If not, come take a virtual wander with me amongst the trees. It is the true meaning of social isolation - social distancing is expected. 

This article was featured in Expat Life in Thailand 
Thanks to Little Tree cafe for a wonderful lunch.

Given that it looks like we will be in social isolation throughout April, I decided to join the annual A to Z Blogging Challenge. My 2020 theme is My Thai Life and Travels. 

I have invited some guest bloggers to join me as we share with you some of our Thailand favourites. We are going to have some great giveaways so I hope you will join us at

Sending you all lots of love for the forthcoming weeks. Take care everyone and will be over to visit you just as soon as I can.

Linking with thanks to Lady Fi and all the hosts at Our World Tuesday


Good to hear you are well. Our youngest daughter is married and lives 2200 miles away in New York state. :-( She loved those Lush Bath Bombs. So sad they are no longer available.
My hubby works from home this week but next week he goes to the office. I worry as he has asthma and no good masks anywhere to be found. The hoarders of ordinary household items has been shocking to say the very least. We fare ok as our middle married daughter and her hubby live here with our youngest son too and all three of them work from home right now. Our oldest daughter lives three doors away and her hubby is out in the work force too but she works from home. OUr oldest son, we pray, does not lose his job if this stops within the 6 week time frame his employer gave them. He works from home with his wife and her mom takes the little ones to her home. It is hard not seeing or kissing and hugging the sweet babies but we understand it all. Staying busy and learning some new things, the middle is baking homemade bread. We are happy.
Your photos are quite lovely and I wanted to thank you for sharing so much joy in difficult times. Stay safe and healthy and enjoy your days. HUGS across the miles
I visited Thailand once of course long ago. Are you going to post guest posts in A to Z series. It will be interesting if you manage to get 26 guest posts.

My A-Day post is Apple Inc. - Industrial Engineering Activities and Jobs

I am happy. So far it got 300 hits. May be in another six hours it gets another 100 hits.
Neesie said…
Strange incredible times indeed Wren. Who would believe it would be like this, when thinking back to New Year's Eve when we were thinking about what the new year would bring.
So happy that you are well. Stay safe xxx
Happy to read you are well … I'm waving back at you :)

All the best Jan
I'm happy to hear you and your husband are doing well. You have a wonderful mindset and being active as much as you can is so key in keeping the mind and body healthy. I'm so grateful for walks with my dogs, having time in the garden--just clean up for now, still in the 50's here in the Midwest.

Thanks for a super uplifting post Wren. Stay safe and healthy!

Jane x
EricaSta said…
It's very nice to meet you at
__ Our World on Tuesday

...thank you for sharing.

Stay healthy!
Crimson Kettle said…
Did you walk back up those 35 flights of stairs, phew!! You'll be so fit at the end of this isolation. So pleased to hear that you're all well. x
Jeanie said…
I'm glad you are safe. We're hunkered down here, too, trying desperately to stay sane among the worry and anxiety. I never expected our lives would include this. War? Sure. Economic woes? Of course. Pandemic in the age of modern medicine? No.

Stay well, my friend.
Polly said…
Good to hear from you. You sound very well organised.
DeniseinVA said…
You certainly live in a very gorgeous part of the world. Glad you are okay. As a friend told me recently, this too will pass :)
Buttercup said…
The world becomes a whole lot bigger when visiting blog friends around the world. I am cozy in my apartment almost all of the time, though I do try and get out for a walk or two with my mask and latex gloves. My dream is once again to be out and about all over New York City again. I saw an amazing fare to Australia next winter, but things are still so iffy that I only glanced at it. Would love a trip to Australia and New Zealand next winter. Take good care!
Gattina said…
So you are back in Thailand, last time you still were in Australia. We in Waterloo are confined too of course and I think we are quite lucky in Brussels it must be the hell living in these multi store buildings with kids ! We are allowed to do food shopping and also walk in parks but not on the lawn and you are not allowed to sit on a bench. Dogs have to be on a leash. We have sold our house (all papers done via internet) and I have an apartment in view in Waterloo center. That's nice for us as the house was getting too difficult to live in, to keep the garden in good shape and then the steps to the garage etc. we will be far better in the center where we can walk to theatre, cinema etc.
eileeninmd said…

We are doing ok, staying home and safe. I love the Crazy Poodle photo, I am glad he is happy. Looking forward to normal times again. Stay safe, be well. Enjoy your day!
Janice said…
And back to you. Here in Texas our bed capacity is about 41 % which includes the extra capacity already ordered by the governor. The governor continues to direct the ramping up for increase the bed capacity. He is working to help acquire ventilators and other supplies. However, testing is not nearly where it should be. Few texts and long waits.

To stay in touch with loved ones we have all downloaded Marco Polo. That really helps.

Stay safe and healthy.
Sounds like you are doing well under these difficult circumstances throughout the world. Like you, I hold my breath, concerned for my loved ones and my blogging friends. Resident Chef and I are staying inside our apartment with only occasional forays to the grocery store...not for ourselves, but for our 92 year old friend. We have enough supplies to get through at least another couple months - not because we're hoarders, but because we always stock up in the fall just so we can be sure we'll be okay should either of us get sick. Normal precautions for us. Did laundry by hand again this morning - using the communal machines in our building isn't recommended because they're not cleaned properly. We're staying home so there's not near the laundry at the moment so it's not a particular hardship. Take care of you - stay safe, stay well.
Cynthia said…
Im so glad to hear that you and yours are well! I’ve been wondering where in the world you had “sheltered in place” and how you were coping. We, too, are well and isolating as recommended. We are fairly good at that already and keep busy with our usual life of writing and art, reading and walking. We do so miss travel and hated cancelling all our plans for this spring, and probably summer now ktoo. And there is missing family ... as you know very well. My daughter in Germany does a lot of international travel and got the virus. She did not have to be hospitalized and is on the mend but breathing has been a problem and there were some scary days when we couldn’t communicate with her.
You do look good in a mask, Wren! Maybe I will post my photo next time I suit up for a foray into the pharmacy!
Linda said…
Continue to be careful and find beauty where you can.
Angie said…
Wren - thanks so much for your recent visit to my blog. Glad to hear that you are healthy. I can completely relate to your comment about planning - I have lost count of how many times I have caught myself thinking "We should plan this or do that" only to realize that none of those activities are an option now or even in the foreseeable future. At least the weather is starting to warm up and we can get outside to work in the garden or do other outdoor activities without worry about seeing anyone. And the yoga is really helping! Happy Easter to you! Stay well!
Debbie said…
being careful = being well!! we are still in the lockdown stage right now, i have not left my home in 6 weeks. i have taken a few bike rides but we are only allowed to ride in our neighborhood!
I'm so glad to catch up and hear that you are well and safe. I'm trying to keep calm and carry-on as well, with varying degrees of success :-)
mvmaithai said…
Always a pleasure reading your posts!

We used to cruise on our boat and stay on anchor for a week or more, so we're used to the new normal like social distancing and having food and supplies for a longer period. Water is our limitation. These days, we are tied up in a marina, but in a rural area, so we're pretty safe. For exercise, we can walk up the hill or go kayaking on the river when the weather permits.

So sorry we didn't get a chance to meet in Bangkok :-( Despite the heat and the virus scare, we had a good time.

Stay safe and be well!

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