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The HeART Project, Hong Kong

Hello to you all and welcome back to Bangkok! I have been looking forward to introducing you to the HeART Project.
What do you see here? I see a crazy Little Wandering Wren, sitting on a branch, under a shady tree... Anyone see anything different? Do let me know!
The HeART project is the brainchild of Hong Kong artist and friend Helen Bronte Boyd. 
I have long admired the growth of Helen's business and took the opportunity to pop in and see her in her Sai Kung H Studio Gallery, on my recent Hong Kong visit. This artists hub is home to art classes, workshops, and exhibitions. 
You can click here for more info on H Studio Gallery.

The HeART Project is:
"a yearly project dedicated to creating original heARTs,  posting them daily on social media to generate more kindness and joy!
Helen's HeARTS have gone all over the world,  and I am very happy to be the first recipient of a HeART in Thailand.  My HeART is number 143 and I just love it!
Just as soon as I got off the plane back in Bangkok,  I…

Escape To The Country ... well sort of!!

If you are a regular follower of my blog you would know how much I was looking forward to a return to my homeland to catch up with family and friends. 

With temperatures in Bangkok a scorching 34 degrees and humidity in the nineties, it was due to be a welcome change from my sweaty Betty Thailand life.
Imagine my surprise to find myself in the middle of a heatwave here in Great Britain, with temperatures, if not the humidity, matching Bangkok. Woo hoo, Great Britain! 

As you will remember last week we were huddled round log fires and barbequing in the rain, sheltering under umbrellas.  All change this week and the Gardens of Britain are looking glorious after a drop of rain and some sunshine. Here are some of my favourite Homes and Gardens pictures from my time here.

1. Friars Court:Hidden Beauty in Rural Oxfordshire Celebrating its 100th year, this charming property with an unusual moat feature is worth a visit. The English Cream Teas were a hit too!

2. Ashdown House: Unusual Dutch-s…

Somewhere over the rainbow...

It's been quite a week here in the UK. I seem to make a habit of being in the UK during a General Election or Brexit referendum which is always interesting, to say the least. This week's results, as on previous occasions, has resulted in an awful lot of tea being drunk trying to figure out what the British election result means. I have given up being surprised by anything in world politics these days.
Away from tea drinking, we have had a fantastic week catching up with family and friends in London, Oxfordshire, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire and Devon.
So welcome to a few of our photos which sum up our Great British summer road trip.

In a week where people are nervous of large white vans in cities - we spotted this band in a van in Brick Lane, London which made us smile, along with the giraffemu Street Art. 

As did the general vibe of the Brick Lane area of London. As you can see the sun was shining and people were generally out enjoying their weekend. This was just hours before the …