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My Sunday Photo - 29th June

It has been a wet & stormy winter weekend in Melbourne. Football continues rain, shine or hail (as we had today!) Hard for the players, even harder for spectators... Why didn't I think of bringing a tent to keep dry?!

Melbourne's horse and carriages

What do you think?
Tourist horse and carriage rides have been plodding through the 
streets of our city for around thirty years.
Together with our trams 
they are iconic Melbourne transport.
For $100 AUD you can take a half hour ride  from Melbourne Flinders Street station  to the Shrine of Remembrance.

It is not cheap, but I'm sure it would be lovely, unless that is,  you start worrying about the condition the animals are kept in...
There is a bit of a rumpus going on at the moment
between those concerned about animal welfare,
who are a large and ever growing group,
and the rest of Melbourne. 

The pro horse and carriage Melbournians
like seeing the horses on the streets,
believe they are well cared for, and consider them a wonderful tourist attraction to be preserved.

The Melbourne Against Horse Drawn Carriages
are concerned that the horses work long hours, 
in all weathers, including searing summer heat,
and are subjected to all the fumes and pollution of the CBD,
amongst other things...

In 2011 our Mel…


Do have those suburbs in your city, 
on the wrong side of the tracks? You know, the ones that nice girls don't go to?

Nice girls don't go to Footscray ... 
oh, and maybe Frankston

You know the place that is the butt of all jokes...
What do you call a 30 year old Footscray or Frankston girl? 
Answer: Granny

The sort of place that might have been nice once, 
and might be nice again,
but it's industrial heritage dominates?
It's hard not to think of chemical plants in Footscray...

So imagine telling your friends that you now work in Footscray?
And imagine telling your friends that you really love the place 
'Yes Footscray' you say, as they imagine they've misheard.

The Footscray they think of as a horrible part of town, 
full of junkies and muggings!

It would be fun to buy a house there, you say
but you already know you've missed the moment.
Footscray is becoming trendy!
Property prices have soared.

Footscray is really multicultural;
Italian, former Yugoslavian, Vietnamese and i…

Bolin Bolin Billabong

The Bolin Bolin Billabong walk is my favourite Melbourne Walk. Start and finish at Bulleen Park:  175 Bulleen Road, Bulleen, VIC, Australia
It is practically a city walk,  and is one of the few remaining billabongs in an urban setting. Apart from the hum of traffic, from the nearby Eastern freeway, once you are walking alongside our mighty Yarra river  you could be way more remote.
This combination of wetland and woodland walks just screams Australian beauty to me.
The Yarra river is to Melbourne What the Thames is to London, and the Seine is to Paris. She is an icon.
When the river reaches our city centre,  she is the undisputed heart of one of the world's most liveable cities. Southbank is our city's bustling waterfront hub, with many restaurants, hotels and apartments,  all competing for a look-see over the water.
Whilst in downtown Melbourne,  all eyes are on our Yarra River, here in Bulleen she runs free, natural and untamed.
A billabong is a Wurundjeri word  and is formed when an isolated pond …

Blue Monday June

It's going to be wet and miserable all week here in Melbourne! We're all going to have wet paws and a grubby tummy...
Of course Daughter No 2  just back from six months in New York says she will never, ever, ever complain  about an Aussie winter again But I will!!

At least we have got our central heating fixed and are toasty warm, inside. But even that is not without issue. Our new ducted heating unit fires into action with such ferocity,  blasting out hot air and debris through the floor ducts.  It wakes the whole household at 5.30am everyday.
By 5.45am we're throwing off the doona cover with gay abandon feeling like we'd be cooler in a sauna...
I like my new heating!

We're not used to such heat inside,
then we go outside and wham, bam, it's freezin'
Well Melbourne cold, not actually cold, cold.
Not cold enough for ice you know.
This is Melbourne, one of the World's most liveable cities!

Today was stormy, it was blustery and windy, and we battened down the hatches... Not li…

The Eagle has landed!

After six months studying in the United States of America  daughter No 2  has returned to the nest this morning.

She has had an amazing time living in New York and travelling through California where she really learned to fly.
This Little Mother Wren  has a nervous flapping of wings  and a scratching of her head when she sees the video of her young Wrenlet  jumping out of a plane!

Wrenlet 2 arrives home to find her 
Mother Hen has spent the entire week running around like a headless chook, dusting and cleaning her room and generally preparing for her return. Well I might as well enjoy one week  with one immaculate & tidy kids bedroom!
Plus I'm getting to the pointy end of my June minimalist challenge where by each day I throw out the same number of items as the date  I'm hoping she has been away so long, she won't remember half the items I've jettisoned from her room this week!
I have even moved her desk and bed around in her bedroom, Well we don't want her to think that nothing has…