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Problem in the Park

We have a problem in the park!
There are a couple of raucous Sulphur-crested Cockatoos
who are making a right racket every morning.

Something is up,
there is much flapping of wings,
manic tearing away at the bark,
cawing and screeching.

The locals are worried, concerned not for the birds
but for the beautiful gum tree.

To me brought up with nothing more exciting than a 
escapee budgerigar in the park,
these parrots are exotic and gorgeous.
 To my Aussie friends they are pests.

Apparently these birds can live up to 40 years in the wild
and our local Boroondara Council have been called
and asked to come to the rescue of the eucalyptus tree.

They are clearly breeding
having made themselves a lovely nest of wood chips
by hollowing out this large right hand branch.

Their actions in building their perfect dream house
could destroy the tree.
We are all really aware of the danger of 
falling trees after some high profile accidents with falling branches.

It has gone really quiet recently,
we're not quite sure whether the birds have flown the nest, 
or what.

Our beautiful tree stands proud,
and the Crazy Poodle does his bit for tree preservation,
he waters it every morning!

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Thank you to all the hosts!

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