Wednesday, 4 June 2014

We're coping a soaking...

June 4, 2014 was always going to be a challenge dear blogging friends,
Having said that I will take you out and about with me 
every day in June,
 as I live my daily life in Melbourne,
I find that joy of joys 
today I'm at the Doctors!

Yikes! I'm wondering how I'm going to get through this one 
with the whole world watching...

Puddles at Canterbury Gardens, Vic.
But before I take you to the Docs we have jobs to do
and the crazy poodle is bouncing off the walls wanting walking!
What's worse the official weather forecast was 
for Victoria to 'cop a soaking'
Yes it was raining....cats and dogs!

I ditch my normal park to return home after the school run 
to fetch an umbrella and put Mutt in a coat.
He's not that impressed. 
Yep he clearly feels a bit of a plonker in the posh park 
I've chosen for it's paved walkways.

The trendy little straight jacket that I bought him in the sales is great, 
it keeps him from smelling like a wet fish all day 
and also prevents him peeing on every tree that we pass.
All that velcro round his tummy & it's clearly hard to cock a leg...

Bless - I do love my dog
but not so much on rainy days!
Back from our walk, I refuse to let him inside the house.
He gets his own back by grubbing around in the garden!

Time to get to it! 
I've been working hard on clearing out my cupboards for my 
June into June minimalist challenge. 
Each day I am increasing by one thing, items to chuck out 
I'm seeking four things today....
A quick tidy of my herb drawer and four things are identified and jettisoned!

Look what I spotted on the way back from the park,
Recycling Bins!
These could be handy when I've got more to get rid of?

For my 30 Day Abs challenge we have a rest day today
Hooray, as my knees are still feeling it from the 1000 steps on Monday!

With the walk & housework over it's off to the Docs...
I didn't like to tell you earlier in case you clicked 'close'
but I'm here for my Well Woman checks!
Here is the surgery and that's as far as you are coming!
Bet you're relieved!!

Our Doctors surgery is a typical red brick building in the area

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!
I might take you grocery shopping
I bet you can't wait!
Each day I am linking to a new meme 
Today I have chosen Outdoor Wednesday.
So glad you stuck with me to the end after that indelicate start!
Hello everyone, nice to meet you!

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