Monday, 16 June 2014

World Cup fever in Australia #Keepthefaith

You have gotta love Australian's passion for their sport and their support for their teams...

The excitement here for the 2014 FIFA World Cup is immense.

It is hard not to be caught up with the thrill of it all!

Last weekend this Crazy Soccer Mum got up at 5.30am
to drive to the other side of Melbourne
where Village Cinemas in Sunshine were offering
a free screening of the Australia V's Chile match
to all not for profit organisations in the area.

I was happy to volunteer to attend with our members,
You could hardly call it work...

Village Cinemas Sunshine
The cinema opened it's doors at 7.15am, and I was there!
Along with a gaggle of keen Socceroos supporters 
all decked out in their green and gold scarves.

We even had a small, but very proud contingent of Chileans
bravely turning up with a huge flag!

There were many supporters like myself
who are cheering on a football team,
 not from our country of birth.
Australia is like that, it gets to you on the sporting front!

Our family is supporting three teams in this competition
Australia - England - Belgium
All countries we have lived in.
We will have a busy month ahead.

Our Aussie captain plays in the English Premier League 
and our Australian goalie has been playing for Brugge, in Belgium
So with one team we happily cover all bases!

The man next to me was from Iran and proudly going 
for both Iran and his adopted country Australia.
The young Australian lad on my other side
was hedging his bets by bravely shouting for Chile.
It was a lovely multicultural event.

No wonder the scarf seller outside 
was offering plenty of options...

I became a Crazy Soccer Mum
through our kids sports.
All three kids played growing up
It is an equally good team sport for boys and girls.

In our house there is either a football match 
or training most nights of the week.
The kids also now coach and so it is full on!

I can talk soccer smalltalk with the best of them.
Get me on a roll & I will even drop into conversation
how we watched Messi score three goals for FC Barcelona at Camp Nou
or our Liverpool FC day at Anfield.

I love it!

Crazy Soccer Mum "You'll never walk alone" at Anfield, I manage!!

Australia despite being drawn to the Group B of death,
along with Chile, Netherlands and Spain, 
is going into the competition with supreme optimism.

Last week there was a huge uproar here in Melbourne
as a betting company flew a giant inflatable 
"Christ the Redeemer' statue 
over the city with the reminder to #keepthefaith

We go into this World Cup as massive underdogs,
but we're all on the #keepthefaith bandwagon, 
Yes, our team can pull off a major upset.
Go Australia!! 

Australia start badly. 
They go down 2-0 in the first fifteen minutes #keepthefaith
Then just before half time Australia scores, the cinema erupts!

We go off to the coffee & bacon butty break with 
Chile 2 Australia 1 
and a spring in our step!

Australian supporters and kangaroo in Brazil
This is sports biggest world stage and the Aussie are only one goal behind
You can not deny the Australian spirit. 
We go to the break full of hope

Australia eventually lose 3-1. We are all excited. How good is that?
We've only got a young & largely inexperienced team...
Bring on the next match.

Later that day I ring the UK, 
'Sorry about the football' 
I say after we watch England lose 2-1 
in their first match to Italy.
'Yes, that's us out' they say
'Ohhh #Keepthefaith' I tell them
'What are you going on about?' they ask!

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