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Jump into June!

June is our first day of Winter Down Under 
and I've accepted several challenges to keep me busy 
and to avoid the winter blues...

1. I'm going to post everyday in June. 
Little and often is my months mantra.
Can the chatty, often verbose and rambling Wren cope with this?

It is Melbourne month for me, 
as I'm not leaving Australia at all in June.
It will be a journey of discovery into my everyday life.

Join me for some fresh air in our local National Parks
Just to make it really exciting for you
I've accepted a challenge to clear out my drawers!!
There! I knew that would have you on board, here for the ride,
up for the adventure etc.
Yes, not only are we not going anywhere,
we are staying in, dear Blogger friends doing chores... Happy?

This is really just to distract myself from the fact that in July 
I am going to Bangkok.
Which as anyone who listens to the news at the moment will tell
you could be really, really exciting, especially if I pack the wrong colour T-shirt... 
AND if I don't survive to make it back,
 I want my cupboards to be in order.
I don't want anyone saying 'that Wren, her pantry was such a mess!'

Or come with me for some sea air at the beach...
2. I'm joining Michelle at My Slow Living Adventure 
on her minimalist challenge
We're going to 'clear the way for clarity' 
by becoming a 'fully fledged ditchers'!
One item thrown out on June 1st, 
two items on June 2nd, building each day...
Until I sit there at the end of the month
possibly with zero left to wear,  and nothing in the house to eat.
It's going to make a holiday in Thailand seem real attractive 
military coup, or no military coup!!

I'm really excited by this challenge
but can I do it?
My DH says start with the study,
I've said he could join me, he could start with his shed!!

Gumnuts from my garden...
My girlfriends and I meet every Monday for a weigh-in.
We are constantly looking for new excitements in our 
weight loss journey, and as we are gradually beginning 
to see our toes again, somehow this came up in conversation!

Day One is not too bad, but Day 30 is terrifying:
125 sit ups, 200 crunches, 65 leg raises, 160 second plank - What???

I'm not quite sure why I agreed to join them on this challenge 
for a flatter stomach - errm possibly because I wanted a flatter stomach?
Or more likely, because I didn't want to be the one who said 
I can't, I've over committed, 
or that I'm busy sorting out my robes!

Well in for a penny, in (or off) for a pound...

This is my local park, it is a favourite for the crazy poodle and I.
4. 30 day blog hop challenge 
I thought it would be fun whilst stuck indoors, 
madly jettisoning my personal possessions,
crunching my abs and blogging,
to get out and about in the blogosphere in June
and meet some new folks. 
Of course I will stick with my old favourites 
but will add in some new memes for fun...
Let me know if you have any suggestions.

See you tomorrow!
Today I have chosen to join for the first time Sundays in my city
Hello everyone!
Unknown Mami


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