Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Monday Mural: Poleaxed in the Park!

As I lay splat on the grass at the Darebin Parklands, 
taken out by an overweight, black Labrador, 
with a surprising turn of speed,
I remembered this graffiti of an angry man seeing stars
that I had taken earlier in my walk!

Graffiti at Darebin Creek

We were having a lovely walk along the Darebin Creek
admiring the bush countryside, only 7km from the city centre.
The Crazy Poodle and I taking full advantage of a break in the clouds.
It had been a difficult week for dog walks, 
every time we went out
 Mutt and I came back like drowned rats!

Darebin Creek - July 2014

Fat Lab had obviously not got out much either
I didn't even see him coming!

Crazy Poodle sensed his lumbering arrival,
 and in his usual brave state, cowered behind my legs.

Fat Lab went straight through me.
I wish I'd managed to do a perfect triple ludz
But I didn't.

Fallen red gum tree - Darebin Parklands
He hit me right at 
the point where I had spent the past four weeks
having physiotherapy on my knee.
My physio will love me, I thought! $$$$$$$$$$$

The two dogs took off
leaving me face down in the mud.
Crazy poodle came back sheepish...

Winter in Darebin Parklands
I figured Fat Lab was notorious in the park
why else would there be an angry man seeing stars?
I wished I'd had a can of spray paint with me
I'd have added a women seeing stars!!

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