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Beautiful Bangkok

Yoga on the Helipad! We've just had an amazing weekend with dear friends in Thailand. We stayed at The Peninsula, Bangkok Which is a bit of a splurge, but they look after Little old Wren rather well  and we end up in the most amazing Grand Deluxe Suite Thank you Peninsula, Bangkok. The Peninsula, Bangkok It really is an extraordinary place to stay and when I saw that they offered complimentary yoga on helipad Well I'm there with a big fat Namaste! We meet at the Fitness Centre,  whooping 36 floors below a mixed ability group  of those who look like they know what they are doing,  to destination yogics! Destination on top of the world!   We sign a massive disclaimer. This probably says - does anyone actually read these forms - that if we pop our clogs on the helipad it's not their fault. Oh, but what a way to go. Either that, or don't expect a complimentary air ambulance  to rush you to the nearest hospital! Ha ha

Little birds were born to fly

I'm off on my travels again this week Hope you will join me Wren x Linking with My Sunday Photo Thanks to Darren at Photolife

Problogger 2016 conference takeaways

It wasn't the best lead up to my first ever blogging conference... Unprepared, overworked and knowing no-one,  I rocked up Thursday evening to survey the scene  at the RACV Royal Pines resort  full of nervous trepidation. Whilst experienced bloggers packed their conference essentials:  cameras, computers and copious amounts of sparkling talent.  I travelled light.  Just little old me Except that, I came with 20 kilos of addition baggage just in case, AND   two non-blogging friends,  happy to be my roomies  for a  girls Gold Coast weekend away.  There was always that thought that I could always join them if required... Not that I needed a blogging bolthole as it turned out, happily  we all survived. Me with a big grin.  My girlfriends got a much-needed break  and  I made some great new connections in the Aussie blogging world. Woo Hoo! A billboard advertising the Australian Survivor TV show seemed rather apt! Lesson One: Work out who you

Twitter: Ditching the Mumsy!

Hello! Happy Sunday, today I’m in Queensland for the Problogger Conference. Problogger is my first ever opportunity to meet other Aussie bloggers on a mass scale - there are over 500 of us gathered for two days of networking, training and workshops. It gives me scope to reflect on my Little Wandering Wren journey and plan my future blog strategy. I learnt many things over the weekend but one thing resonated with me most a quote from the Problogger founder Darren’s Mum which said  Your life will be better of you take actions  on the things, you like to avoid I have been pondering for a while certain aspects of my:  “Crazy soccer mum, trying to become Zen yoga mum” life. The first being how appropriate is it to refer to myself as a Crazy Soccer Mum when my youngest is twenty years old ... and the soccer season is over! Perhaps there’s a small element (ok a massive, whopping element) of hanging onto a past identity, uncertain what to replace it with Does anyo

My blogging Inspo!

I write therefore I am! Oh my golly, gosh this weekend I'm going to a Problogger conference. Not only that, but I've booked to have dinner with the Travel Bloggers! To say I'm going to be punching above my weight is an understatement. More about this later in the week, unless I've been knocked out cold, but for now the organisers are running a competition asking: what inspires you to blog? what inspires your blogging? what about your blog inspires you? what is the inspiration behind your blog?   So I thought I'd have a go, as it is something which I am often asked.  Shortly after the "Wow, I didn't know you did that!" (read 'could do that!') I get a mixed reaction from friends and colleagues about my blogging. There is no doubt there are many in the nonblogging community who just do not get it! They see a solitary life, home alone, just me and my computer typing away. Waiting for some sort of sad validation from a whol