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My Sunday Photo

Adventure before dementia

Fifty something, mother of three, just released 
after twenty plus years of juvenile detention, 
caught up in Sydney sex pest ring. I too could see the headlines... This is the first week of the rest of my life! In fact today is it.  The day of reckoning. I've been telling my husband that  just as soon as the kids are all through school I'm coming with him on all his business trips...
He's been telling me for twenty-two years that I'll get bored and won't last the distance. Tuesday our youngest finished school and Thursday I got up at 5am to fly to Sydney.
Woo hoo!

So far, so good. Breakfast in the Virgin lounge and no washing up the secret fast track lounge exit direct into priority boarding, A taxi to the hotel  arriving before anyone back home had even woken up. This is so alright.
Within three hours of being left to get bored in a 4.5 star hotel - duh! Events have taken quite a turn. 
I was by the swimming pool because for some unfathomable reason 
the hotel did not get the hint that 

Missing presumed eaten - Feed the World 30

Do you remember the story of my daughter's puppy in Liberia? She left him behind,  when ebola forced them to evacuate in August.  The dog has disappeared It is very likely that he has been eaten...
Today I bought Feed the World 30 It was my first ever Itunes purchase. I urge you to do the same all the money raised is for helping 
the fight against ebola in west Africa...

Thirty years ago, I also bought the Band Aid song.
Bob Geldof, Midge Ure and friends raised millions
 for famine relief in Ethiopia.
I was twenty-one, the same age as my daughter I barely knew where Africa was.

Fast forward thirty years daughter number one, newly arrived in Liberia sends me a photo of a flee ridden, worm infested puppy  bought as a guard dog.
You can read the story here

I send a care package full of flea and worming tablets, dog chews and treats, when she left he was a healthy growing dog...
I will leave her to tell her Liberian story one day, the fact that the dog was probably stolen for food is the reason I bought the Ba…

Zut Alors! Orange you glad it's Friday?

It's been a huge couple of weeks and Orange you glad it's Friday?Pass me the wine - and I rarely do!

In Melbourne, November rolled in, and blasted us  with all the promise of an epic hot summer.  Our gardens blossomed  and summer geraniums burst forth.

Roses bloomed through out the streets and our neighbourhood looked pretty as a picture  on the front of a chocolate box.

Of course we can't eat the chocolates. You see our thoughts are turning to Christmas, swimsuits, and summer holidays at the beach

But this is Melbourne ... just as soon as we'd put away our winter woollies, the weather turned. Pass me a chocolate please we may be a while before we get into our cossies this summer!

We celebrated in style  at our Melbourne Cup Spring Racing Carnival. We were stunned and shocked  by the deaths of two horses on the day that the eyes of a nation were upon us.

We've got the eyes of the world on us this weekend  as we host world leaders in Brisbane for the G20 Summit. Some world leaders bring quite…

Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne - Winter 2014

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month...
All over the world we will remember you... Linking with Our World Tuesday
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My Sunday Photo

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I love Victoria's Secret undies, 
 in my next life I'm coming back as an Angel... So when my daughter sent through a link of an old school friend on ABC television talking about an online petition  she and two other university friends had posted to asking  Victoria's Secret to change their advertising,  My first thought was  'Wow, these kids have really grown up.'

My second thought was 'I'd better check this out'...

More ABC US news | ABC Health News 

So here it is the bra causing a storm in a D cup! It is a beautiful bra, it gives you a great shape and it's design is called Body.
I've chosen to show you it hanging amongst my garden roses. Victoria's Secret latest advertising campaign shows it on ten tall, skinny models with the words  'The Perfect "Body"'

 17,500 people (and rising) all over the world  have signed the online petition which states:
'We would like Victoria’s Secret to apologise and take responsibility for the unhe…