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White Night Melbourne 2015

I had fun at White Night Melbourne!
Not normally known as 
all night Party Wren,
It was great to be in the city 
watching dawn break over the Yarra River!

Our 18 and 21 year old kids
 looked at me with an incredulous:
"I've got better things to do with my life, 
like sleep"look... 
when I suggested they came with me.

Or maybe it was the 
"You've got to be kidding! It's going to be 36 degrees C on Sunday
and we're playing soccer in the extreme heat, 
I'm having a lie-in" look.

Fortunately our overseas students
thought my crazy suggestion was a good one.

Today photo credits go to these 
three gorgeous Japanese students
who were happy to join me 
and get up at 5am to enjoy White Night Melbourne.
Thank you!
White Night is a music, food, film, art and light festival
which runs from 7pm to 7am with over 80 free events in nine precincts across the city.
City buildings were transformed by spectacular light shows.
The Forum and many Flinders Street buildings
became Alice In Wonde…


SUNDAY 22nd February 2015
Linking with My Sunday Photo
Silent Sunday

Crazy Poodle's Fun in the Sun

I love the Crazy Poodle's toothy grin! He is lending support to my on-line campaign to get Wren to Canada. You can read more here:
GYB Giveaway Winner - I've won  trip to Canada!

We also wanted to show some support for all of you 
enduring long cold, icy winters.
This was photo was taken indoors with the air-con on.
We can't imagine being cold at the moment!

It's been a good summer for lying in the sun!

Mutt was washed, scrubbed and trimmed since this photo because we had three Japanese students moving in: Welcome to our Melbourne madhouse

The above photo was taken when we were volunteering at the  Asian Cup football and housing for the Australian Open tennis.
It was in response to 
Venus Williams and the Best Ball Boys (dogs) in the world.
Here is the video...

So I thought if Venus has Teddy in Auckland then Melbourne can offer the Crazy Poodle!

Cute as we were we never really mastered the whole ball boy thing. We can run after the balls,  but bringing them back needs further work!

Have a gr…

GYB Giveaway winner - I've won a trip to Canada!!!

And the winner is me! I am so excited  I've just won a trip to Canada through GYB 2015.

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by  to say hello from Grow Your Blog 2015. I had a really good time visiting new blogs and with over 300 bloggers participating  I haven't finished yet!
There are some amazing blogs out there I am happy to have connected with new bloggers and delighted to see some new followers to mine.
 A huge thank you to Vicki at 2bagsfull for organising another successful event.
I am pleased to announce the winner of my  GYB 2015 giveaway is  drum roll please.... Michele TimmsWhich is perfect as Michele says:
We have a "thing" about birds...  If you saw our house you would know what I mean!  Many birds: glass, wood, painted, etc!! 

So Michele there will be a few more little Wren things  heading your way to add to your collection.
I would love to say I'll come and deliver myself  as I have never been to Canada but I think my DH would do his nut at that suggestion... Alt…

Welcome to our Melbourne madhouse!

It was bye, bye America Hello Japan here last week! I hardly had time to wash the sheets!
We had three lovely lasses from Japan move in. Staying with us for nearly a month studying English. Welcome to the madhouse your new Aussie family!
This is the 7th year we've had students from this particular Tokyo ladies college.  They are always a DELIGHT.
I do love hosting overseas students on their first visit Down Under. I see Melbourne anew through their eyes. They are full of WONDER at everything. I mean let's face it, even a tub of yoghurt  from another country can look exotic.  What do you think?
A few things are a tad "awks" as the kids would say. I gave up my Mother Wren, bear hug of a Aussie greeting many students ago... Yes, we've had over thirty Japanese students over the years. Did I say I LOVE THE JAPANESE?!
They seemed to find the hello hug, being pressed to the welcoming bossom  of some crazy Aussie Mumma, when they'd only just arrived,  and didn't know which way was u…

Endangered Aussie Animals Project

G'day from Melbourne, Australiato Mrs O's AM Kindergarten Class in Calgary.I heardabout your project on endangered species!
Dear Wren, You will know me from
My grandson's kindergarten class is doing a unit on endangered species. The teacher is trying to get postcards sent to the school from all over the world with a short message about endangered species in the specific country. Would you be willing to send one? Here is the address just in case.

So how could I resist? Here is the card I have sent you. It is a little joey kangaroo inside his mother's pouch He looks a little cross don't you think?

I think the card will take a little time to get to you... 
We are 8628 Miles (13885.42Km) apart.
The quickest flight on an airplane will take 21 hours. Australia is home to some unique critters,
but it also has one of the highest extinction rates in the world. I found some more information on Australian Geographic
I said I would show you so…

Australian Open V's Asian Cup!

Sorry my blogging has been a little sparse, it's because we've had two world sporting events  collide in this household!
By day we've been enjoying the Grand Slam tennis at Melbourne Park,  cheering on our very own WTA Pro Tennis Player, and by night, we've been volunteering at the Asian Cup,  Australia's biggest ever football tournament  'Go Soccerroos - Champions of Asia'!
Your Little Wren has a very important role in securing Aussie Open on court tennis success. I'm in charge of toast and Tim Tams!
Gluten free and organic toast of course we're talking elite athletes here...  and Tim Tams (Aussie chocolate biscuits)  for the team celebration (ie the rest of us!).
You know right, that behind every successful athlete  is a great family, a fantastic coach  and the lady with the Tim Tams! 

It's been seven years since we started housing at the Open. Originally this was an official program offered by Tennis Australia. We were interviewed, ou…