Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Welcome to our Melbourne madhouse!

It was bye, bye America
Hello Japan here last week!

I hardly had time to wash the sheets!

We had three lovely lasses from Japan move in.
Staying with us for nearly a month studying English.
Welcome to the madhouse your new Aussie family!

I love having the Japanese girls to stay!
This is the 7th year we've had students from this particular Tokyo ladies college.
 They are always a DELIGHT.

I do love hosting overseas students on their first visit Down Under.
I see Melbourne anew through their eyes.
They are full of WONDER at everything.
I mean let's face it, even a tub of yoghurt 
from another country can look exotic. 
What do you think?

Yoghurt and fruit with Japanese green tea lollies and KitKat!
A few things are a tad "awks" as the kids would say.
I gave up my Mother Wren, bear hug of a Aussie greeting
many students ago...
Yes, we've had over thirty Japanese students over the years.

They seemed to find the hello hug, being pressed to the welcoming bossom 
of some crazy Aussie Mumma, when they'd only just arrived, 
and didn't know which way was up,was well, 
let's just say
a little too confronting!

So now I offer the formal British handshake.
Think royal limp wrist to limp wrist and you get the picture
We're very regal in our greeting.
In fact come to think of it they might not curtsy
but I'm sure there is a slight bow in there.
RESPECT! Love it!

Or maybe it's the bow of horror??
They are probably thinking "OMG, a month with her,"
looking at my chipped nail polish...
I bow back slowly studying their band new shoes,
trying to program my brain
with the nuances of the correct pronunciation of their names.

I do bring the bear hug in for the goodbyes... 
Old habits die hard!

Sunshine and shadows!
The first thing we did together was enjoy a walk to the park,
appreciating the warmth and sunshine 
of an Aussie summers day.

It's a welcome contrast to a Tokyo winter.
Before long I find myself joining in their laughter 
and we're all making shadow rabbit faces in the sunshine.

Enjoying an Aussie Summer at the Park
On the way home we bump into my neighbour
More 'hellos and welcome to Melbourne!'

My neighbour has her arm in a sling
 having broken her wrist
rollerblading with the kids.
Right wrist of course and she's right handed.
Rather severe break in fact, no driving.
Everything is difficult with only one hand.

Of course we in the street are impressed
"Aren't you a little too old for this?" 
we question, unhelpfully.
Just jealous. 

When was the last time I rollerbladed with the kids?

"If there is anything you need this week
I'm here for you...
books covered, opening a jar of pesto.
Just ask."

She smiles,
 both of us remembering the last help requested... 

I heard my DH on the phone
"Of course, she'll be right round,
No, it's no trouble"

It's Men's Semi Final night at the Australian Open
Andy Murray is playing Berdych.
We've been invited to the Men's tennis Final 
and we're hoping it's Murray vs Djokovic.
That night we had a houseful for a 
'cheering for Andy' dinner!

Cheering for Andy pizza party!
We've an American guest, we've never met
Like we do!

A friend of someone in the UK, 
come to think of it that we've never met either,
You know that 
"Steve's coming to the Tennis' 
You Guys should meet! 
Kind of connection...

Andy Murray serving Australian Open Mens Final
We're still housing for the Australian Open...
The kids are in...
Let's just say there's not a spare seat round the TV.
It's standing room only.

I've just proudly & secretly forced a bakery bought apple pie 
into one of my own baking dishes.
It's a snug, perfect fit, 
looks exactly like it was made in the pie dish.

"Can you go next door and help sticky-back plastic a School book?"

What???? It may be the start of the school year
Now is not the moment to leave Andy,
 nor the Apple Pie.

Andy Murray on Margaret Court, Australian Open
I send a quick SMS
"Any chance you can come here
I can't get away at the mo?"

A knock at the door.
The crazy poodle has had enough.
He goes ballistic 
and is banished to the laundry for barking 
at my neighbours young daughter...

No one watching the tennis seems to notice
"Great serve, Murray!"

Andy Murray vs Nick Kyrgios, Rod Laver Arena
A rather large Geography book appears 
together with a roll of contact adhesive
a printed name sticker and a pair of scissors.

"Fantastic shot Murray!"

The book is covered. 
Rather unsuccessfully with enormous air bubbles!
At least on the front, the back is perfect. Of course...
I wasn't really concentrating
That's my excuse!
Do I let on that air bubbles in school books is 
a normal occurrence in our household, 
and get out a pin, to prick the air out of the bubble?

Whilst deliberating on this, my son shouts
'Mum the Apple pie's burning!
Although secretly thinking PERFECT, 
now it definitely looks like a home baked Apple pie!

Flowers in the park are looking gorgeous at this time of year!
Back to the present moment
My neighbour says

See you've still got a Mad full house then?

Yes! Never a dull moment here!

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