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Awesome Asian adventures!

Hello everyone how is your week going?  All is good here in Thailand and I am thankful for it. Happy Friendship Friday! . Our newspapers announced that winter had officially started. Not so you'd officially know it, but thinking about it, I've been less of a sweaty mess! And last weekend I had to jump in the pool quickly as it was quite chilly. We've not long been back from Japan where we had an amazing holiday. We got caught up in Typhoon Hagibis which caused widespread devastation and loss of life across Japan. Here's my tribute to the staff at the Imperial, Tokyo, we are grateful for their care and attention during Japan's worse storm in living memory:  Impeccable, Imperial Hotel  Imperial Hotel, Tokyo We had been in Japan to watch the World Cup Rugby. Our match England v France was cancelled because of the storm However, by Sunday, everything was calm and beautiful in Tokyo. Imperial Palace gardens and surrounds, Tokyo

Wandering Japan Land of the Big Typhoon and rising Rugby Sun.

Kon'nichiwa, hello from Japan I hope your week is going well.  Ours is, although we're keeping an eye on the super typhoon heading our way. We're in Tokyo for the Rugby World Cup and in between matches to walk the Nakasendo trail. This is a pretty hike up and down through the mountains between the old postal villages between Tokyo to Kyoto. The track dates back to the feudal period and we have enjoyed this historic route immensely. Japanese necklace - Tusmago-juku It seems like half the people we meet are here for the rugby and we've had many wonderful conversations along the way. Sport is such a great connector of people don't you think?  Each night we are staying at the traditional Japanese Ryokan Inns with their communal bathing onsens. Mind you, I've worked out pretty quickly that if you are staying at the same place as us, chances are I'm going to be seeing you butt naked at the communal bathing area later. So forgive me if I