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Eagles - soaring above the rest

There is a house in Footscray which stands out. It is a rather brash and possibly underneath it all,  quite an ordinary house. You cannot ignore it.
It always reminds me of my  daughter's soccer team  Boroondara Eagles FC. BEFC is way over on the other side of town in the leafy suburbs.

The Women's team have been promoted each year  since starting in the State League. They are a young team the majority are U21. In 2014 they made it to the dizzy heights of  Women's Premier League. That is one massive step up.
Now normally what happens is that players take a while to adjust to the faster, more physical game. They can feel quite over awed at playing against more experienced players some who have played for their national teams, or those who are returning from playing  college soccer in America.
It can be a brutal introduction. The sport is a brilliant one for girls but if you are not up to it, you will be punished. Sadly many teams go back down  as quickly as they arrive. Not our girls!
With some cleve…

Spring Grand Final weekend in Melbourne

Melbourne's Spring has arrived! Bursting in unannounced.  Leaving some of us scurrying to the back of the wardrobe  in search of something half decent to wear.

 With temperatures in the high 20's Celsius,
our garden bursts into bloom,
demands attention,
and my hayfever sneezes 
echo around.

It's a great time of year in Melbourne,
we have the lazy days of summer ahead of us.

We also have a 
few big exams to get through, 
as the next few months
will see the end of High School life for our son
and a university degree completed for daughter number 2.

I say 'we' because as any parent will know, 
it does feel like you are actually sitting the exams.
Unfortunately, unlike the Year 1 project on natural disasters
this is now totally out of your hands,
and worryingly so...
Spring is the time to be seen out and about in Melbourne. This is the season of the Spring Racing Carnival and whilst we still technically have a hoof of a racehorse, let's just say  I do not need to fret at the moment
 about n…

Better together...

Phew that was a close call! It looked at one point that the Vote Yes campaign  might actually win. 
Better together I say,  like this lovely family of swans I snapped on my last home visit to  what it has appeared recently was the  not-so-United Kingdom.
I am of course referring to the Scottish referendum where this week 53% of Scots  rejected independence from the UK.
Typical me, I am friends with the other 47%... I do not know a single Scot who voted No, so that is a tad awkward, especially as I was leading the  Down Under twitter #VoteNo #bettertogether campaign. (Well, maybe I exaggerate, but three tweets is a lot from me.) So it appears I may be off  the haggis and Chrissy card lists this December.
Except I wanted them to stay, They were the ones that wanted to go... What am I talking about? Maybe it's me that should be reviewing my Christmas card list?  Ha Ha! Ermm, moving on...
...with a seamless link courtesy of an United Kingdom bone. It was a shame that the Scottish referendum result overshadowe…

Gold Coast Escape

Crazy Soccer Mum takes a well earned break...

Crazy Soccer Mum is staring down the barrel pitch towards the end of the football season.  I won’t know myself,  and the washing machine will have to get used to  spending a lot more time without me. 

At the peak of the season  there is football every day,  whether it was coaching, training or playing,  Not me, I hasten to add.  I’m just the unfit mother  who’s trying to keep up with the washing  and work out a vaguely reasonable time for dinner!  Fuel is very important for performance you know!

I think the Crazy Soccer Mum title is a tad unfair,  it comes from the day when I was chasing sponsorship money  for our community football team  and the PA to some local bigwig  forgot to press mute before she yelled:
‘Shane, we have some crazy soccer Mum on the phone,  Wanna talk to her’? ‘No!’ he yelled back…
Of course my friends have never let me forget that one.
Thanks Shane!

So here we are,  nearly at the end of our 2014 football season.  Our family is involved with n…

Quietly remembering 9/11

In April this year we went to the 
National September 11 Memorial & Museum
Liberty Street, New York City.

Thirteen years ago when terrorists took down the Twin Towers
we were newly arrived in Australia.

It didn't matter where you were in the world,
if you watched again and again, 
the sickening image of the plane flying into the World Trade Centre,
it will never leave you.

It felt important to go the 9/11 Memorial.
There are two massive pools within the original footprints of the Twin Towers
with 30 foot waterfalls cascading down the sides.
Today I am quietly remembering...

We remember the nearly three thousand people 
who lost their lives on the day the world was changed

They say we were all New Yorkers that day...

Linking with Alphabe Thursday Thank you Jenny

Found in Footscray...

I love my fabulous Fridays working in Footscray Footscray is one of those Melbourne suburbs which let's just say has proudly enjoyed a colourful past.

There is always something interesting to look at in Footscray. What about this bright blue house? Is this a garden full of art  - trash or treasure? 

Every time I walk by I see something else that captures my attention, like the blue Australia hat on the top of the wooden post. I reckon a fair amount of work has gone into this garden  at one stage or another... But I do wonder what the neighbours say?!

It does make you wonder how the Postie  ever finds the post box?!

One thing I always stop to read are the quotes on the side fence:
'The greatest wealth in life is health and wisdom!'

Footscray promotes fabulous street art offering an annual Street Art prize How about this one, it is a combinations of lots of other walls that I find out and about on my wanderings! Do you remember last weeks Footscray Bulldog? Here he is again in miniature!

My Sunday Photo

It's Australian Father's Day today Which gets a tad complicated  As my Dad is on another continent when it is celebrated in June and...
Our kids have all be on different continents this year.  At the moment we have two out of the three at home which as the Meatloaf song says 'aint bad...'
 Even if they were all here, they don't do  a Father's Day breakfast in bed because...   their Dad plays golf at 7am, every Sunday. Teenagers aren't up early enough for that!
We also can't do a family Sunday lunch or dinner with one away and all the various soccer commitments
So how about a photo for the men instead? I found this car in the school car park yesterday! Happy Australian Father's Day Dad  Wren xx

My blog birthday!

To Russia with love... 
Today is my two year Blogoversary! Little Wandering Wren was born on September 4th 2012 as a good way for family and friends to keep in touch during an extended trip visiting India and Europe.

Little did I know 
that my blog and blogging would turn into 
one of my favourite things!

I'm a bit reticent to show you my original effort,
but I do see some progress! Here is that original photo again
 I would not choose to use it these days...
but thanks to editing and Picmonkey I can at least 
dress it up a little! Blogging has given me the opportunity to learn new skills both on the technical side of blogging but also to develop my 'voice.'

It has also given me one of the nicest pleasures,
the ability to connect with other bloggers all over the world.
I love the comments that I receive and find the blogging community
to be encouraging and very supportive.

I enjoy reading about others lives
and learning about different parts of the world.

I have found through participating in so…