Sunday, 21 September 2014

Better together...

Phew that was a close call!
It looked at one point that the Vote Yes campaign 
might actually win. 

Better together I say, 
like this lovely family of swans I snapped on my last home visit to 
what it has appeared recently was the 
not-so-United Kingdom.

I am of course referring to the Scottish referendum
where this week 53% of Scots 
rejected independence from the UK.

Swan Family, Burford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Typical me, I am friends with the other 47%...
I do not know a single Scot who voted No,
so that is a tad awkward,
especially as I was leading the 
Down Under twitter #VoteNo #bettertogether campaign.
(Well, maybe I exaggerate, but three tweets is a lot from me.)
So it appears I may be off 
the haggis and Chrissy card lists this December.

Except I wanted them to stay,
They were the ones that wanted to go...
What am I talking about?
Maybe it's me that should be reviewing my Christmas card list? 
Ha Ha! Ermm, moving on...

United Kingdom bones - Harrods, London, United Kingdom
...with a seamless link
courtesy of an United Kingdom bone.
It was a shame that the Scottish referendum result overshadowed 
the big news story of the week in our house!
Bring out the bagpipes for a drumroll on this one please...

The Crazy Poodle has been picked as 
Pet of the Week 
for a Pet Food Company - whoo hoo!
Now bless him, I will save the full story for next week,
and we will of course have a full interview, 
 and a press release, once we have appointed his doggy Agent! 

Crazy Poodle - Melbourne, Australia
I hope he doesn't forget to say in his acceptance speech 
that he wouldn't have got to where he is today 
without the fullback up and support 
of our entire family.
He is definitely in the better together camp
he hates it when one of us is away...

To celebrate we took him to the Mornington Peninsula today.
 The Crazy Poodle loves nothing better 
than to chase flies on the beach.

Sorry can't stop, got flies to catch - Blairgowrie, Mornington Peninsula

The pet food company want to phone me 
before they send the prize, 
I can sense another awkward moment.
I'm sure they will ask
for details of the Crazy Poodle's favourite food?
So I am going to have to come up with something 
better than flies!
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