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Found in Footscray...

I love my fabulous Fridays working in Footscray
Footscray is one of those Melbourne suburbs
which let's just say has proudly enjoyed a colourful past.

There is always something interesting to look at in Footscray.
What about this bright blue house?
Is this a garden full of art
 - trash or treasure? 

Every time I walk by I see something else that captures my attention,
like the blue Australia hat on the top of the wooden post.
I reckon a fair amount of work has gone into this garden 
at one stage or another...
But I do wonder what the neighbours say?!

It does make you wonder how the Postie 
ever finds the post box?!

One thing I always stop to read are the quotes on the side fence:

'The greatest wealth in life is health and wisdom!'

Footscray promotes fabulous street art offering an annual Street Art prize
How about this one, it is a combinations of lots of other walls
that I find out and about on my wanderings!
Do you remember last weeks Footscray Bulldog?
Here he is again in miniature!

Finding Makatron's Street Art is a fun way of exploring Footscray!

Have a great week everyone!

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