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Full Blue Monday

Happy Blue MondayIt's that time of the week when I am searching for something... 
                                   and above all blue
                                                            for my Blue Monday post. 
But nothing quite springs to mind...
In fact, it appeared that everything I thought of was going to be a load of rubbish. Ah ha, I could do the trash, as Monday is our bin day and our recycling bins are blue...

The bin reminded me of the cricket. Australia beat England in the Test Match, which is a rarity these days, and something to celebrate (depending on who you support, or whether you care!). 

There is however quite a furore over some extremely blue language overheard on pitch between our Aussie Captain, Michael Clarke and an England bowler - hmmm maybe not quite the blue I was searching for. Anyway this sort of behaviour is just not cricket! So moving swiftly on...

I could take you to the beach, but t…

Himalayan Necklace - Oh the stories it could tell!

Do you ever wonder...?
I bought a necklace in India last year... 
It is well travelled. Oh the stories it could tell! 
Like  Where was it made?  (I was told it was local from the foothills of the Himalayas...) Who made it? 
Does she  (In my mind it was made by a lady,  hopefully not a child... and certainly not a man.)  Ever wonder who bought the jewellery?  Or think
'Where in the world will it will end up?'

I fell in love with this necklace, 
seeing it as a connection to our 16 year old son, 
who was on exchange at an Indian boarding school, 
and as a memory of 
my Indian Adventures...
Like the crazy twenty hour journey I took just to reach him...  On an overnight sleeper train from Jaisalmer to Jaipur,  leaving my girlfriends,
 and travelling solo,  for a six hour train ride to Delhi.
A mad taxi ride across Delhi, to the Airport, 
popping my anti-nausea pills to stop disgracing myself,
 like an over indulged teenager, 
after a night on the booze...
A flight to Dehradun on some obscure Indian airline, 

Where's Wally?

Shhhhhhh Let's get wordless


Life In The Fast Lane - Public Art on the road.

Today I thought I'd take you on a little DRIVE. Let's take Eastlink, then the new Peninsula link, 
one of my favourite trips...

Sorry it's a motorway and we can't stop.
I mean it's called a freeway here, well actually it's a tollway!
What do you call these roads where you are in the world?

These roads have Australia's longest sculpture park.
 Do your roads have Public Art to enjoy along the way?

These sculptures are designed to be viewed on the move 
but forgive me if the photos are a little blurred.

The reason these are my favourite roads 
is not the actual roads, but where they lead to... 
The Tree of Life Phil Price
The Tree of Life is a 10 metres high wind-activated kinetic sculpture. 
The movement is gentle and rhythmic, echoing the rhythmic flow of branches in the wind.
The large tree-like form makes reference to the eucalypt and evokes the natural beauty of the peninsula. 

Oops sorry no, I don't mean the hospital... I've just come off the freeway to get you c…

It's all go in Bendigo.

We're on the road again - anyone for Tennis?  We're off to watch some International Pro Tour tennis in Bendigo.
'Whaaat?' I hear you say. 'Why Bendigo?' 
Or maybe, if you're reading this on the other side of the world 'Where's Bendigo?'
Bendigo is a regional city, two hours out of Melbourne, right in the heart of Victoria. The city's beautiful architecture remains a reminder of it's rich history and prosperity from the 1851 gold rush. It is a great place to visit, but not necessarily one that springs to mind as having one of the top Women's tennis tournaments in world last week ($100,000 in prize money was on offer over the two weeks of tournaments). 

Bendigo is also one of thirteen transit cities in regional areas identified by the Victorian Government as part of a 30-year strategy to help accommodate Melbourne's future population growth and manage the ever increasing demand for housing and transport.
This push for regional developmen…