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What a crazy week!

I'm having one of those weeks to be cherished for the rest of my life!
Monday: Macau Tuesday: Hong Kong Wednesday: Paris #LittleWanderingWren

When I'm in the old people's home with a grin on my face  it will be because of weeks like this...
The world is a beautiful place and the contrasts between the smelly dried fish of Macau and the linesmen in their designer cardigans at Roland Garros yesterday gave me a little, ok a massive: "life's good" moment!
But can't stop we're off to the tennis again today.
Have fun, whatever you're up to,  I'll be over to visit you when I get off cloud nine!

The rich fabric of life in Hong Kong

Shhhhh Let's get Wordless! It is always a pleasure to be back in Hong Kong!

Thanks to Sue at Wordless on Tuesday


Paris here we come!

It seems the whole world loves Paris and a French theme.
We're in Macau a Special Administrative Region on the southern coast of China
Famous for it's Portuguese tarts (both the edible and the not so savoury!)  and gambling.
Macau is bigger than Las Vegas for gambling, becoming the world's largest gambling centre in 2006.
 At the time I was working for US casino giant Las Vegas Sands. Our work was all about bringing Venice in the shape of the Venetian to Macau.

Fast forward a decade and Macau has changed big-time. It is a vibrant resort destination that never ceases to amaze and impress. Since we were last here, a half scale replica of the Eiffel Tower has appeared.
This Paris-themed casino is at the heart of Sands, China newest developments. Ultimately Macau will be a 100 billion market.
It's exciting to think that by Wednesday we will be able to wander along  admiring real Eiffel Tower! Linking with My Sunday Photo thank you Darren

Flying the flag for Australia

Dami Im wins the Eurovision frock contest!There's none so funny as life itself...Within weeks of Britain voting on whether it wants to remain in the European Union, Australia it appears, quietly snuck in through the backdoor.

And with a massive 12 points all round  Our Sunrise breakfast TV was calling it as a  'Dami Im victory' in Eurovision2016... That was until the popular vote came in.
At the point of 'By Jove, I think she's done it' Dami was interviewed and asked what she would do if or when she won? Her reply, that she would 'have a lemonade' with her support crew, had us all Down Under rushing to the morning-after-the-night-before fridge  to see if by chance we had any lemonade to celebrate with her - fat chance!
For those in the know, The Eurovision Song contest it has been around for 60 plus years.  It is the European singing competition featuring  a great deal of mickey taking, some outrageous backing singers, 
some highly questionable outfits and maybe even…

Happy Wet Wordless Wednesday Melbourne!

All the above photos were taken in my local park yesterday. There is still quite a bit of colour around, even if it is beginning to feel a lot like Winter!
Hope you are staying dry where ever you are in the world.
Thanks to Sue at Wordless on Tuesday


Wander Victoria A to Z challenge reflections

'A', you're Adorable, 'B' but you're beautiful, 'C' you're a cutie, full of charms'... It's hard not to hop around the place feeling pleased with yourself after finishing the 2016 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge
We've been asked to write a post to tell about our A to Z experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and the stats show that I had a 325% increase in my readership during April which I am pretty happy about.

Unlike more seasoned participants, I was not organised with every post planned and penned ahead of schedule, but then you probably guessed that of me, didn't you?! Indeed, my whole thought about participation was relatively last minute. I started at Blogger number 1600-and-something on the challenge sign-up but by the end of April, I was in a final  position of 1184th out of 1344 Bloggers who completed the challenge. Yes, that's a massive amount of other bloggers out there, so there was a great 'in this t…

A few gifts for Mum

I've just been given an Avocado Shark for Mothers Day  Only in Australia!

My favourite meal is brunch with smashed avo which is exactly what we had this morning. In my previous post All Australians' Adore Avocados I talk about why this dish perfectly suits my personality!
We were woken by lots of noise in the kitchen, this morning. Probably as in many other households all around the Country! 'I DO hope they're smashing my avocado, not my best china!' I think as I roll back under the covers...
This is the life!
I love the way that even though they are now grown up I still get a hand drawn card...'To our Favourite Wren!'
'Thanks for being the best Mum and always so caring  even though we're adults'
Isn't that what all Mother's do until they fly the nest? They say the average age kids leave home these days is thirty-four or something ridiculous.
After brunch I am presented with a series of special gifts!
The Avo Shark is great - one tool to cut, de-pip, scoo…

Keep Calm and wander on!

I am having a brilliantly busy week. For one, we have just booked a surprise trip to Europe in a couple of weeks. The surprise is I thought I was going in August!
So I'm in that pre-travel panic planning mode. You know, the one I go into  whenever we leave the kids (all adults, I know, I need therapy)  home alone, looking after the Crazy Poodle.
I buy up a years supply of toilet rolls  and enough dog dental chews for every pooch in Melbourne...
I know, what a wonderful life I lead. I mean, really what IS the point in unpacking my suitcase? 
So here I am dancing around celebrating the fact for the second year in a row, I'm going to avoid Winter. Don't you think life is good if you can live in a perpetual Summer?
When out of nowhere,  I get a notification on my blog that I'm a winner! Not only that,  it's from Betty in New Zealand, some of you will know Betty through her blogs photographing New Zealand.
Well I'd literally just touched down  from a beautiful trip to Auckland last mon…

Arts Centre Melbourne

A is for Arts Centre Melbourne                                                  ...only joking!

Shhhh Let's get Wordless

Thanks to Sue at Wordless on Tuesday


Blogging from A to Z Challenge Survivor

Giveaway announcement

Where did April go? I seemed to lose it somewhere between the avocados, the  Bolin, Bolin Billabong and the Yea Valley and zip-a-dee-doo-dah!

Not only was I whizzing around all over Victoria I also had a quick trip to New Zealand in April Oh the wonders of modern technology unless you saw a few sneaky pics on Instagram you would have hardly noticed!
Thank you to everyone who has joined me on the April A to Z Challenge and for all your encouragement along the way. I am delighted that you have enjoyed Wandering Victoria with me. As promised all your comments have been entered into the Giveaway
I did make a little video of the Crazy Poodle helping me with the draw but I am having a few technical difficulties which I hope will be resolved later to enable me to add to this post later in the week.
But in the meantime, drumroll, please The winner is Fiona Miller I will be in touch!