Thursday, 5 May 2016

Keep Calm and wander on!

I am having a brilliantly busy week.
For one, we have just booked a surprise trip to Europe in a couple of weeks.
The surprise is I thought I was going in August!

So I'm in that pre-travel panic planning mode.
You know, the one I go into
 whenever we leave the kids (all adults, I know, I need therapy) 
home alone, looking after the Crazy Poodle.

I buy up a years supply of toilet rolls 
and enough dog dental chews for every pooch in Melbourne...

Domain, Auckland
I know, what a wonderful life I lead.
I mean, really what IS the point in unpacking my suitcase? 

So here I am dancing around celebrating the fact
for the second year in a row, I'm going to avoid Winter.
Don't you think life is good if you can live in a perpetual Summer?

Domain, Auckland Statues
When out of nowhere, 
I get a notification on my blog that I'm a winner!
Not only that, 
it's from Betty in New Zealand, some of you will know Betty
through her blogs photographing New Zealand.

Glasshouse flowers, Domain, Auckland 
Well I'd literally just touched down 
from a beautiful trip to Auckland last month.
Sorry, if you felt you missed it, 
it's just that we were all so busy gallivanting around Victoria at the time
it was hard to mention!

 I've won the most beautiful New Zealand paua shell necklace.
It's described as Hei Matau which is a highly stylised fish hook 
typical of the Maori people of New Zealand.
The swirl on the side is a sign of life.

New Zealand Paua shell necklace
It means Good Luck or safe journey.
How absolutely perfect, or as Dame Edna would say:
'It's spooky Possums'

Thank you so much, Betty. I will be thrilled to be wearing 
my Hei Matau necklace on my travels.

Hei Matua - necklace
You might be interested to read one of my most popular posts
about a necklace:

I bought it the foothills of the Himalayas 
when I was visiting my 16-year-old son who was at boarding school there.

Before I go here are the links to  Betty's blogs below.
 I hope you will stop by and tell her a little bird sent you!
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