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Dear William: Not all those who wander are lonely!

'I wandered lonely as a cloud...
Well, that’s as maybe in my new life, but since our arrival in Bangkok,  a month ago, it’s been fun to wander around on my own.  When you move countries your senses are on high alert.  You feel life more. You hear more, smell more for sure, not all great!  You definitely see more when you are not walking along chatting with friends. 
By the way, the finding friends bit is looking promising,  I’ve met some lovely ladies in Bangkok.  Phase two of the search for friends is do they have nice husbands? For Mr Wren!
We have high hopes we won't be wandering lonely for too much longer.  Ermm, actually, have you seen our diaries? Even if we never meet anyone here, it appears through the non-stop visitors arriving,  that the world is coming to us! Yippee.
In the meantime, we took a quick trip to the UK to fill our lungs full of fresh air and to recharge ahead of the move into our longer term apartment... 
That floats on high o'er vales and hills, 
Well, I normally …

Keep Calm And Birthday On!

So far I'm onto my fourth country celebrating my birthday. Usually, I don't fuss much about birthdays, I'm not one for the big girls night out, or to treat myself with a big splurge... 
But this year is different. I've moved country. I now have a new visa in my passport enabling me to stay in the Kingdom of Thailand until May 2018. I'm away from the kids and the dog and Mr Wren looked at his work calendar, scratched his head and declared a meeting with dinner on my birthday.

I thought for a moment about pulling the old 'I can't believe you've got a meeting with dinner on my birthday AND it's International Women's Day' complaint, but wait a moment, no... That's a perfect excuse to celebrate with everyone, everywhere! 
'Hey, but I thought you said  you never bothered much about birthdays...'
I can hear him call out as I am part way to booking a flight to Malaysia and using all his Airmiles for a return trip to the UK!

He's right, I&#…