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Blue toes excitements!

Hello, how are you doing? It's been another great week here in Thailand.

'I have found that if you love life, life will love you back'. Arthur Rubinstein
Sixteen weeks ago I painted my toenails turquoise blue and life's been good ever since. Who knew such a simple change could make all the difference? Pull up a chair and I'll tell you all about it!

I've always had pink toes, maybe coral, and very occasionally, I've worn red nail polish at Christmas. My blue toes are my sign to myself to get out there, to have fun and do something different.
I mean let's face it unless something's gone drastically wrong in the day,  you've always got your feet with you, haven't you?  In Thailand, we never wear socks, so I have a secret, constant reminder to: Do it different, stay out of the ordinary!

I thought I'd made this up myself, but The Beauty Gypsy writes: 
Forget any tranquil associations – when worn as nail polish, blue is not for the faint of heart. It’s f…

Walking in the rain

Hello, hello how's everyone doing? All's good here in Bangkok. 
We're riding out the rainy season and I feel thankful the end is nearly in sight.  Thailand needed rain badly, then we got floods. As the saying goes 'it never rains, but it pours' and that is certainly true here at the moment.
I'm not complaining, I always like to see the rains, it makes things grow. My 2019 rainy season, like the little seeds in the ground, has been a good season for me. Since my recent Tourism Authority of Thailand blog winners trip, I have been very fortunate to receive other offers for product development trips with the Thailand tourism industry. I have been asked to write in magazines and I'm enjoying speaking at coffee mornings at the various Thailand Women's Associations. 

I'm loving this feeling of personal growth and development.
'When will you begin your long journey into yourself?' - Rumi

But let's go back to the time when it all began and we're in a…

Bangkok Blogger's Blooming Adventures

Hello everyone and how are you? Thank you so much for the lovely comments on my last post. I'm pleased I managed to give you a giggle!

So I did chuckle to find this bed in our next hotel. Wot no towel art insight? Where are the love swans? Loved the funky backdrop though. Can you work out where we are?

Yes, I have just done a quick dash to Singapore. Mr Wren was there for work and boy could I do with some help with the friendly staff at Apple, Orchard Road. All these blogging adventures and I have a massive I need Help list. 
I signed myself up for 10 classes in three days, luckily we stay really close to the Apple store. 

My camera is my iPhone and I always feel it is important to keep up my learning to produce the best photos I can. The 'Today at Apple' lessons enable me to keep going when all around me have many cameras. On one trip recently, one blogger even used a drone. I'm still proudly a click and go, girl! 
I also enjoy Apple's Studio Hour where I can take my c…