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Wren's Worldwide Wanderings

In April 2019 I set myself the ambitious task to join the Blogging from A -Z April Challenge. I choose a travel topic, with the idea of covering as many countries I could, whilst being on the road continuously myself. You can read the posts here

This is what the last six weekends have looked like :
Paris --> UK --> Songkran in Phuket --> Easter in Pattaya --> Fitcation in Bali --> 

King Rama X Coronation in Bangkok --> Friend's birthday celebrations in Hoi An, Vietnam.
I am sure one day, I will look back from the armchair of my nursing home and say to whoever will listen, 'yes darling, we used to travel a bit'

If I look at the lead up to the A-Z Challenge I was also pretty busy trying to re-establish myself in my Thai life after the Summer in Australia. There was little time to prep for a month of posts. Well, that's my excuse to say it took me a while to finished and be awarded the A -Z Survivor badge!
But despite going over the deadline, I was pretty dete…

Hello from the Holiday Queen of Asia!

Hello dear Blogging friends, I am sorry it's been so long. I'm at the end of a massive fest of holidays and I'm ending on a high.
At the top of the world no less. Just look at this picture of Mount Batur, Indonesia which I took earlier this morning. I hope wherever you are in the world, your sunrise was as beautiful!
Let me just start by sharing my office with you. Here it is overlooking the paddy fields of Bali, somewhere between Denpasar and Padang for those in the know.
We are quite remote here and the hotel says don't blame them the internet is down, it's their provider! 

So I had to go exploring the area and find some decent Internet cover. The dog is my new companion at the street bar I found with the Internet. Isn't this the most perfect office for the day? Who care's there is no WIFi at the resort.
I've been doing a tour of paradise locations of the world. No, not really but this is what it feels like.

What would your paradise be like? Do you want a be…