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Wish you were here, Singapore

I really admire people who have a passion, 
follow their dreams, and 
push themselves outside their comfort zone.

Take Helen Bronte Boyd. We first met when our kids were at the Australian International School, Hong Kong. Mum of three lively boys and fellow Bookclub lover, she has just had her opening night as Artist in Residence at Instinc Art Space, Singapore.
I daren't really try to compare notes. Whilst I have been flitting around the world, enjoying a myriad of countries and time zones, Helen has been solidly exploring her artist passions. She is now firmly out there as a creative entrepreneur with a flourishing Hong Kong art business.

I have reconnected with Helen recently as fellow Instagram lover through her HeART project, you can read the post here.
Fast forward ten years from my Hong Kong days, I caught up with Helen for a cuppa, to ask how the Dickens did you end up here in Singapore as an International Artist in Residence, just about to open your own exhibition?!

The answer w…

Balloon Love, London

‘I travel a lot, I hate having my life disrupted by routine:’  
Caskie Stinnett   
With a life of perpetual travel, I get to check out a fair few hotels. Isn’t it great to find somewhere a bit different and full of surprises, like The Hoxton, Shoreditch, London?   On first entering their Hoxton Manor concept room, there was a split-second hesitation as to whether we had the right keys? Is the bed made and what’s that on the floor?  Followed by the grin, the realisation and the wow of the invitation to throw yourself onto the XXL humungous bed, with a padded headboard on three sides, pop art ‘Live East, Die Young’ prints, and with the bed linen folded up in the middle. What fun.
Mum, have you seen the high heels and handcuffs?
It’s not easy to impress Gen Y with my choice of hotels,  or anything come to think of it these days. Nailed it. I was in London to help celebrate Daughter Number One’s 25th Birthday and for this reason well out of our usual stomping ground around Hyde Park. I have ventur…

Butterfly count, UK!

This Sunday was Church gardening. I am not a regular attendee at Church,  just the occasional few births, deaths and marriages.

But I am always happy to lend an unskilled, youthful hand  to this small and talented group of gardeners on my return to the UK. Plus at 11 am we get McVities chocolate biscuits!
This month we took part in the nationwide Butterfly Count.  We were out spotting how many butterflies we could see in 15-minutes.  We were pleased to record 17 Butterflies on the recording sheet,  from seven different species and a large toad apparently in the compost heap!  Although, I was head down weeding the path at the time so I missed this.
The information is recorded centrally and we received a certificate.

Such a lovely activity on a sunny English summers day. Thanks for having me on the team!

Little Wandering Wren's Elevator Pitch

So today I'm supposed to be at Problogger's Evolve 17 conference in Melbourne, Australia, instead, my elevator pitch and I find ourselves unexpectedly in the United Kingdom...

Which is just as well, as I'm not sure it was as polished as it should have been. Maybe you can help?

Who are you and what do you do?
I'm Wren I share my slightly crazy Little Wandering Wren life with anyone who will listen.

See I would have failed at this point. Okay, try more giving, umm, more appeal?

British born Aussie Wren is currently grappling with reinventing herself as a Thai farang in Bangkok. Yay! Join her as she shares a light hearted view of her world whizzing between the three continents she now calls home.

Who are your readers?

Hi, I'm Wren and I have an awesome group of readers, including my Mum, her friends in the village, a handful of my friends scattered around the world but mostly other bloggers who I have met on line, don't tell the kids, and we enjoy reading about each othe…