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Double Trouble

Doggie Heaven Seeing double....  Here is Mutt our scruffy poodle, with one of his best Cavoodle friends who is on holiday with us... Here they are down by the Yarra River, trotting through the woods, sniffing out anything interesting.... It was a beautiful September day in Melbourne, all the Spring Flowers are out.... Mind you, getting them to slow down to smell the roses is a tad tricky, unless there is a yummy treat on offer..... Ok boys off you go..... Sign of a good walk, just look at those muddy paws..... Little Wandering Wren Location: Bulleen, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

Like the real India - only better...

It is over 21 years ago that I backpacked through India with my then boyfriend, now husband. It has taken this long to want to return, the heat in June 1991.... When even the Indians were dropping like flies, the sickness.... TIM called me The Mole as I only wanted to come out at night when it was cool.....the filth, chaos and poverty were my overriding memories.... Our photos of the time show a different picture of a rich history and colour, but it's not how I recall the place.... Sept 28th 2012 - I met my tour friends on the plane from Delhi to Jodphur, they only just made it, fresh from their adventures trekking in Leh, all wrapped up having left very cold temperatures. This whole trip has been organised by a great Melbourne friend, now living in Hyderabad. A six week tour has been immaculately planned using her insider knowledge of India as a final swansong before returning to Melbourne next year. Friends from all round the world have been invited to join! I will get to know

Red Hill Spring Garden Festival

Gotta love Australia! Check out these photos from a recent weekend on the Mornington Peninsula . The boys were all sorted with golf, golf and more golf.... So the girls took off to explore the delights of the annual Red Hill Spring Garden Festival. The bargain entrance fee of $5, left money for shopping at the 'garden enhancing' specialist stalls from across the Peninsula and Country Victoria. We emerged clutching a rather eclectic mix of buys from miniature geraniums and other specialist plants, to less obvious but just as necessary, garden enhancing home-made marmalade, and pigs ears for the dogs....of course keeping the Mutt happy stops him digging up the place and TIM works better with his toast in the morning.. The real highlight of the show had to be wandering around the Flower Show where judging had just been completed. Spring is bloomin' good here! We've had a long wet winter. The drought that had many a despondent home owner, heading off for artificial turf an

Welcome to my world

Number Sixteen Beach, Rye, Mornington Peninsula Victoria,  AUSTRALIA Little Wandering Wren is just about to explore the big wide world.  Two of my three chicks have flown the nest and I'm off visiting.   This is base camp.  Looking forward to having you with me as I travel around...