Friday, 14 September 2012

Red Hill Spring Garden Festival

Gotta love Australia! Check out these photos from a recent weekend on the Mornington Peninsula . The boys were all sorted with golf, golf and more golf.... So the girls took off to explore the delights of the annual Red Hill Spring Garden Festival.

The bargain entrance fee of $5, left money for shopping at the 'garden enhancing' specialist stalls from across the Peninsula and Country Victoria.

We emerged clutching a rather eclectic mix of buys from miniature geraniums and other specialist plants, to less obvious but just as necessary, garden enhancing home-made marmalade, and pigs ears for the dogs....of course keeping the Mutt happy stops him digging up the place and TIM works better with his toast in the morning..

The real highlight of the show had to be wandering around the Flower Show where judging had just been completed. Spring is bloomin' good here!

We've had a long wet winter. The drought that had many a despondent home owner, heading off for artificial turf and succulents has well and truly broken. Those of us who held our nerve by keeping our gardens as gardens, are loving spring this year. Plants that seemed to have laid dormant, or at the very least kept a low profile in the back yard, are suddenly bursting forth. If you wander around our neighborhood at the mo, these are the sorts of plants that you will see in full bloom.

This exhibit captured my attention in the Australiana section, with it's Australian native plants and koalas... Which I was admit I've yet to find here on the Peninsula, we've seen plenty of kangaroos... Must look harder as they are obviously about...

I couldn't resist showing you Uncle Tony and Snowy on Mount Buller (our local ski field) Best Exhibits in the cactus section. Well as I said, the drought has broken there isn't as much interest in cactus these days!

We had lots to admire including a grey haired lady with a bright yellow face, dressed as a daffodil, and who wasn't alone in having got 'dressed' for the occasion. I was just asking her the story behind the rabbit shoes, when the cry went up "All daffodils to the main stage" and off she hopped!

I love this show and next year we'll be back to enter. Here is my favorite flower from my garden in Melbourne at the moment.... I reckon I've a good chance to uphold the family tradition of doing ok at the local Flower shows with this magnificent beauty. Watch out Red Hill I'll be back!

Little Wandering Wren loves the Red Hill Spring Flower Show - Well done to all the Organisers on a great event.

Location:Red Hill Show-grounds, Arthur's Seat Rd, Victoria 3937, AUSTRALIA

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