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Getting my sport on!

I've got that many flags in my suitcase.  I've decided I'm a professional 'cheerer-on'er'. Is that is a word? 
United States:Lovely Irina!Australia:Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, England:'ere we go, 'ere we go ere we go ohBelgium: Allez! Not to mention Mexico: Vamos! .... and any other friends I pick up along the way.
It's been an exhausting summer of sport and I'm only just watching...
You can catch up with some of the action from  Nottingham's Nature Valley Open a pre-Wimbledon lawn tennis tournament:
Anyone for WTA Lawn Tennis, Nottingham

It's a quick turn around as we land in Moscow for the FIFA World Cup.  You can catch some of the football action here:
From Russia with love

We have been in Russia to celebrate the World Cup,  our son's 21st Birthday present. He was born in Belgium so we are cheering loudly for Belgium You can catch up with more of the action from Moscow via my  Little Wandering Wren Instagram @lwwren
Loved the Belgium fans!

Well, I'…

Bangkok life!

I'm sorry my blogging has been rather intermittent recently, I've been dealing with my own dramas.
Well actually if I'm honest the dramas were all my own doing, It's a shame I never took up acting. As in the last few months, I would have won top awards as a Drama Queen, par excellence.

I had a major meltdown, hated Bangkok, my life continually on the move and the focus of my fury was our new apartment. It was such a shame that it was all my own decision to move into the 'shithole' as I loved to call it. Which actually was totally unfair, as amongst the issues were that we had a real problem with the plumbing and the toilet blocked! I won't continue my train of thought on this one.
Of course, long term Bangkok'ers just rolled their eyes, with a 'yep, get a grip' sort of a look. It was classic culture shock, which hit me by surprise, let's face it I've been living abroad for 25 years now. 
Are you sure you're not just menopausal others wer…