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My Colourful Thai Life

Hello, hello how are you all today? 
All is good here in Thailand 
where life continues to be one long riot of colour!

Won't you come on a wander with me and I'll show what we've been up to? 
Last week's colourful Christmas photos were just the beginning...

Check out my Thailand travels at:

We might have been a riot of colour but it's been a pretty zen week.
We filled up a minibus of ladies and went off exploring.
Oh, we did have some laughs, 
luckily they all have an amazing sense of adventure!
We were recreating some of my International Blog Winner's Trip 
with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, where we went off the beaten track:
Finding Zen Bliss in Nakhon Nayok

Bamboo Tunnel: Nakhon Nayok

Last weekend we went on a road trip to Lopburi Province in Central Thailand. The area is famous for its sunflowers.
It took a bit of searching as the season is later due to drought, and
we were all the happier when we did eventually find sunflowers!
On Monday was the most beautiful of the Thai Festivals
Loy Krathong: the festival of lanterns and light.
The Krathong is a boat full of incense and candles, which you float.
 In doing so you pay respects to the water goddess 
and seek good wishes for the year ahead.
I'll float to that!
Loy Krathong from Lumpini Park and Nai Lert Heritage home.
It's a mad dash to get to see the last blooms at The 'Central Anniversary Flower Extravaganza' at the Chidlom branch. This annual event is always worth a visit when all 6th levels of the Department store are adorned with fresh flowers.

It's always a popular event and ladies in Thailand are out and about in their finest clothes for a photo shoot!
And finally, I have been back for a wander at Chula Art Town. This is an area of Bangkok which has over 50 street art paintings. My blog post was published in a local magazine: Expat Life in Thailand

It is still one of my favourite city walks in Bangkok as you can wander the old traditional largely unchanged streets and yet see the new developments AND get a good coffee on the way!

This building below was obscured by builder's vans last time we were here, so it was great to see the pavement finished. It's a clever painting done by the staff and students at Chulalongkorn University, but makes my eyes do funny things looking at it. 

Chula Art Walk
Finally, I thought you might be interested to see us scootering around Bangkok. 
Together with @midlifeadventuring (check out her amazing photos on Instagram) we joined a product test for a new e-scooter tour: 

You will find the promotional video there. What do you think, we scoot in towards the end. I was rather chuffed with myself. The expression 'like a duck to water' comes to mind haha.

It's all go here!

Have a lovely week and see you at yours soon :)

Linking with thanks to Lady Fi and all the hosts at : Our World Tuesday and Betty at My Corner of the World


Billy Blue Eyes said…
All good there though It makes me wonder why my mate moved back from there last year after living there so long
Dee said…
That painted building does kind of make your eyes go crazy. It reminds me of what they do on television to blank out someone's face.

But, it IS very pretty.

Oh those mall photos.......gorgeous and I absolutely LOVE the woven bird you saw at the park.

Love the tour you give me of Thailand. Isn't this what is great about blogging. We get to see things from our friends that we may not ever get to see in real life.

Hugs to you.
eileeninmd said…

I love all the colorful flowers, especially the sunflowers. The boats or floats with the incense and candles look pretty. The view of the bamboo tunnel is neat. Congrats on your post being published in the local magazine. Enjoy your day and week ahead!
Terra said…
I like all the flowers and the scene with the giraffe is a favorite for me.
Debbie said…
so wonderful to see all the colorful flowers, especially this time of year. we had a big frost and 15 degree temperatures so everything is gone for the season. only my mums survived because i protected them.

the bamboo tunnel is a favorite, what a beautiful sight!!
Gattina said…
It seems to be a dreamland of colors and flowers ! A real gift for a painter, especially that I have started pouring now and can take these colors for inspiration !
Sharon Wagner said…
I enjoyed the colorful, flower filled tour. We have a mall in Minnesota that does flower displays in the spring, all through. It doesn't last long, but it's beautiful.
mvmaithai said…
Hi Jenny!

You are one busy travel blogger! How do you even have time to write? I hope to visit some of these interesting places when I get there. Are there any festivals in December?
I like the bamboo tunnel. It reminds me of a road in Claremont, California, where the large trees lining the street have arched all the way across to touch each other. It's a fun place to drive. - Margy
betty-NZ said…
My goodness it truly is a colorful place! I love the flowers and the bamboo tunnel is exquisite to see! The scooters look like a great way to get around a busy city. We have had them in Auckland for about a year now, but there have been quite a few accidents. Personally, I don't have the balance to try one.

I'm glad to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week!

My Corner of the World
Your photos are so stunning and capture life in Thailand. Congrats on the awards and printings. You are popular and I can see why! I'm heading over to your travel blog. Thanks so much for visiting me!!

Crimson Kettle said…
What a colourful post just the ticket for a grey, rainy day! x
Janice said…
Your photos are a feast to my eyes. Thanks so much for taking time to shoot and share. Hmmm. Shoot n Share could be a meme weekly camera capture challenge. Except it might attract the wrong sort of shots. Oh, never mind. Old lady going down a rabbit hole instead of just saying how much I enjoy your posts and adventures.
Jeanie said…
More fun than anything -- and oh, riot of color is perfect. I never really thought that much about wanting to see Thailand before but I have to admit, when I see your posts, I become more and more intrigued. If all is as beautiful as this, I'd be in seventh heaven!
Amy Johnson said…
Such beautiful color and flowers!
Your post is absolutely chock full of riotous colour! I must admit my favourite photo is of the bamboo tunnel though - so soothing.
Everything is so wonderfully colourful.
Great post!

All the best Jan
I would really love to be amongst all that colour - glorious! Have a great week and thank you for visiting my blog last week.
Ohhh.. Beautiful colors.. Have a nice week
Polly said…
Beautiful colour.
This post is just full of colour and joy. Sunflowers always make my heart leap with joy also, glad you found them x
So much color! And how lovely is the Bamboo Tunnel. Enjoy this new month of the December.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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