Sunday, 8 May 2016

A few gifts for Mum

I've just been given an Avocado Shark for Mothers Day 
Only in Australia!

My favourite meal is brunch with smashed avo
which is exactly what we had this morning.
In my previous post All Australians' Adore Avocados
I talk about why this dish perfectly suits my personality!

We were woken by lots of noise in the kitchen, this morning.
Probably as in many other households all around the Country!
'I DO hope they're smashing my avocado, not my best china!'
I think as I roll back under the covers...

This is the life!

I love the way that even though they are now grown up
I still get a hand drawn card...'To our Favourite Wren!'

'Thanks for being the best Mum and always so caring 
even though we're adults'

Isn't that what all Mother's do until they fly the nest?
They say the average age kids leave home these days is thirty-four or something ridiculous.

After brunch I am presented with a series of special gifts!

The Avo Shark is great - one tool to cut, de-pip, scoop, slice and mash. When you eat as much avocado as we do, that will see good service! 

The mango cutter equally as clever a gift. I don't do mango! It is to replace my other mango cutter, my son who has in his tender nineteen years perfected mango! He is about to leave on a seven week European adventure.

Do you like the luggage tag for my upcoming trip?
That's because at my age, 
I'm in my 'should have gone to SpecSavers' phase of life.
They are hoping it will be easier for me to spot my own bags to stop me from removing everyone else's luggage from the arrival conveyor belt.
 I did this twice on the last family holiday much to the surprise of the other passengers whose bags I grabbed and to the mirth of my kids.

They keep telling me I could get a job in baggage handling any day
...I'm a real pro they say, the way I whip those suitcases off at baggage reclaim is no one business! 

Have a gorgeous Sunday wherever you are celebrating!

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