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My blog birthday!

To Russia with love... 

Today is my two year Blogoversary!
Little Wandering Wren was born on September 4th 2012
as a good way for family and friends to keep in touch
during an extended trip visiting India and Europe.

Little did I know 
that my blog and blogging would turn into 
one of my favourite things!

I'm a bit reticent to show you my original effort,
but I do see some progress!
First Little Wandering Wren post 4th September 2012
Here is that original photo again
 I would not choose to use it these days...
but thanks to editing and Picmonkey I can at least 
dress it up a little!
Photo edited with Picmonkey, boost, border and blog watermark added
Blogging has given me the opportunity to learn new skills
both on the technical side of blogging
but also to develop my 'voice.'

It has also given me one of the nicest pleasures,
the ability to connect with other bloggers all over the world.
I love the comments that I receive and find the blogging community
to be encouraging and very supportive.

I enjoy reading about others lives
and learning about different parts of the world.

I share my wanderings ...
I have found through participating in some regular memes
that I have a subject (Blue Monday, Saturday Critters etc) , 
and/or a timescale (Our World Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday) to adhere to.

I try to post a couple of times each week.
Sometimes I write more regularly than others
it just depends on what I feel like!

I was surprised at how easy it was to write,
in terms of finding subject matter for my posts
which is based around my everyday life.
The hardest part can be finding the time...

My original photo - walking through leaves in Prague
I was initially excited by the thought that what I wrote 
could be read anywhere in the world,
that was a bit scary too.
But actually I flew under the radar for many months,
my blog was not widely read
and I quietly gained in confidence.

And somewhere along the line 
Russia got involved.
Quite why I have so many people reading LWW in Russia 
is a pleasure and a mystery.

 I love sending my posts off into cyberspace!

I share my Aussie life...
My life in Australia and our love of travel
might have taken me in the direction of being solely a travel blog
but life throws other things my way on my wanderings
and I like not being tied to a certain type of blog. 

I like the element of surprise for my readers and 
whilst I am told I need to find a niche
I want my niche to be "anything I fancy talking about!"

Sometime Aussie life sometimes elsewhere...!
Originally my blog was written on my Ipad and I used 
Iphone photos, both were new to me
and I look back on those early posts with a 
"Oh deary me...'

A year ago I added my Macbook Pro into the mix
yet more technology to learn... 

I enjoy learning the skills of blogging...
I attend One on One lessons with Apple
which help a lot.
I can also train with Apple where ever I am in the world
So far this year I have had lessons in London, New York, Hong Kong 
as well as in my home store Melbourne!

The technical aspect of managing the blog through Blogger
and then learning Google +
was another area that has involved a steep learning curve.

I don't like the choice of having comments as either Google+ or not
But once I had accepted Google+ there was no going back
without removing all my Google+ comments.

So I just had to take a chill pill and relax...
And I have some lovely non Google+ followers 
who I chat with by e-mail which is great.

Zen, yogic Wren is a work in progress!
There is still so much to learn 
and so much that I want to talk about,
that I hope to be blogging for many years to come.

I thank you for coming along for the ride!

Have a great weekend.


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