Monday, 8 September 2014

My Sunday Photo

It's Australian Father's Day today
Which gets a tad complicated 
As my Dad is on another continent
when it is celebrated in June and...

Our kids have all be on different continents this year.
 At the moment we have two out of the three at home
which as the Meatloaf song says 'aint bad...'

 Even if they were all here, they don't do 
a Father's Day breakfast in bed because... 
 their Dad plays golf at 7am, every Sunday.
Teenagers aren't up early enough for that!

We also can't do a family Sunday lunch or dinner
with one away and all the various soccer commitments

So how about a photo for the men instead?
I found this car in the school car park yesterday!
Happy Australian Father's Day Dad 
Wren xx

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