Sunday, 8 February 2015

Endangered Aussie Animals Project

G'day from Melbourne, Australia

to Mrs O's AM Kindergarten Class in Calgary.

I heard about your project on endangered species!

Dear Wren, You will know me from
My grandson's kindergarten class is doing a unit on endangered species. The teacher is trying to get postcards sent to the school from all over the world with a short message about endangered species in the specific country. Would you be willing to send one? Here is the address just in case.

So how could I resist?
Here is the card I have sent you.
It is a little joey kangaroo inside his mother's pouch
He looks a little cross don't you think?

I think the card will take a little time to get to you... 
We are 8628 Miles (13885.42Km) apart.
The quickest flight on an airplane will take 21 hours.

Australia is home to some unique critters,
but it also has one of the highest extinction rates in the world.

I found some more information on Australian Geographic

I said I would show you some of my photos of Australian animals.
I wondered how many you know about?

The first I have chosen is a parrot.
He is not like the orange bellied parrot shown on 
Australian Geographic, one of our most endangered species.
He was very friendly and happy to eat seed from our hands
at Healesville Sanctuary.

Whilst we were at Healesville, we had a close encounter
with Benny, the Koala. 
He was very relaxed as you can see
lying amongst the eucalyptus branches!

We love Koala's but they are a bit sleepy!

Sadly I don't often get to see Koalas in the wild.
Whilst they are not listed as endangered,
Australia Zoo says koalas are critically threatened.
 We have lost 80% of our koala habitat since European settlement.

Here is a common womat in the wild.
We will regularly see wombats snuffling through the undergrowth 
when out walking.
They are my favourite Aussie animals!
They are big lumbering critters.

The Northern Hairy-nosed wombat is in danger of extinction. 

The Echidna is not considered an endangered species.
But I rather like his style
and long claws!

Thank you for visiting me Down Under!
I hope you have fun learning about other 
endangered species around the world.

To my regular readers 
thank you for visiting and I will be back with you soon!
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Thanks Eileen!

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