Wednesday, 18 February 2015

GYB Giveaway winner - I've won a trip to Canada!!!

 And the winner is me!

I am so excited 

I've just won a trip to Canada through GYB 2015.

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by 
to say hello from Grow Your Blog 2015.
I had a really good time visiting new blogs
and with over 300 bloggers participating
 I haven't finished yet!

There are some amazing blogs out there
I am happy to have connected with new bloggers
and delighted to see some new followers to mine.

 A huge thank you to Vicki at 2bagsfull
for organising another successful event.

I am pleased to announce the winner of my 
GYB 2015 giveaway is 
drum roll please....

Michele Timms

Which is perfect as Michele says:

We have a "thing" about birds... 
If you saw our house you would know what I mean! 
Many birds: glass, wood, painted, etc!!  

So Michele
there will be a few more little Wren things 
heading your way to add to your collection.

I would love to say I'll come and deliver myself 
as I have never been to Canada
but I think my DH would do his nut at that suggestion...
Although it would be fun trying...

I ran this little giveaway on my Blog
(the one he never reads...)
and I met this lovely Lady called Michele
(so what, we've never met!)
and I thought when you go to the States on business in May
I could come with you,
 and fly to Canada
(Michele please tell me it is not that far...
Well, it's nearer than from Australia
so it still seems like a good idea to me...)
and give her the giveaway that she won
What do you think?

You know those sort of conversations that if you time it right,
World Cup Cricket is on in Melbourne at the moment for instance. 
if I got him in the middle of someone bowling,
a Howzat moment...
or maybe even, 
after dinner when the telly is on, and they're all trying to watch
that new series from America
"How to get away with murder ..."
When everyone turns to look at you with a loud 
Even though you've just said 
'the dog's just puked in the study.'

So get my timing right
when no-one is listening to a word that I say anyway...

come to think of it,
I'm guessing I really don't need to plan this so precisely,
 this has got to be most of my life...

I might just get a 
"sounds good"

In which case Dear Michele
if you don't mind waiting a few weeks
I'm coming to yours.
Which makes us both winners!

Now please don't tidy up for me Michele
I'll feel more at home without the floors mopped.

And no need to bake me a special cake
I'm more of a Betty Crocker sort of a girl...

And as you know, no need to iron your clothes that day
because I won't have...

Michele, please don't cry at my generosity
 you haven't got your 10 Designer Wren Tissues yet!
Save those tears of joy till when I'm with you.
You can do the washing up, 
I'll do the drying, 
I'm bringing the Australian Wrens tea towel!
Oh the fun we'll have!

Thank you so much Michele
for making me the winner
Canada here I come!

Now I need everyone out there in the Blogosphere
to please join me and wish me luck with this idea.
And just in case I get a 
"No way"
Michele can you kindly e-mail me your address?!!!!!

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