Friday, 14 November 2014

Zut Alors! Orange you glad it's Friday?

It's been a huge couple of weeks

and Orange you glad it's Friday?

Pass me the wine - and I rarely do!

In Melbourne,
November rolled in, and blasted us 
with all the promise of an epic hot summer. 
Our gardens blossomed
 and summer geraniums burst forth.

Roses bloomed through out the streets
and our neighbourhood looked pretty as a picture 
on the front of a chocolate box.

Of course we can't eat the chocolates.
You see our thoughts are turning to Christmas,
and summer holidays at the beach

But this is Melbourne
... just as soon as we'd put away our winter woollies,
the weather turned.
Pass me a chocolate please
we may be a while before we get into our cossies this summer!

We celebrated in style 
at our Melbourne Cup Spring Racing Carnival.
We were stunned and shocked 
by the deaths of two horses
 on the day that the eyes of a nation were upon us.

We've got the eyes of the world on us this weekend
 as we host world leaders in Brisbane
for the G20 Summit.
Some world leaders bring quite an entourage
 the Russians bringing four battleships, has raised a few eyebrows.

Our Prime Minister, Tony Abbot takes the British PM, David Cameron
 out to view the calmer waters of Sydney Harbour.

Brissie is in lock down this weekend
Glad we don't live there at the mo!

Closer to home, we're in lock down too...
With a small matter of a few little exams.
With the end of High School and University life 
for my son and daughter,
 just one exam away.
It will be the end of an era for us all
as we face new adventures ahead...

Each day I buy a little treat to celebrate
another exam or two, ticked off the list.
Here was today's pressie,
my son in his tennis t-shirt.

Roll on Tuesday, the end of exams - Phew.
We are all looking forward to the tennis.
The Australian Open tennis 2015 is just around the corner.
Can't wait to watch all of our favourite players!

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