Sunday, 11 September 2016

Twitter: Ditching the Mumsy!

Hello! Happy Sunday, today I’m in Queensland for the Problogger Conference. Problogger is my first ever opportunity to meet other Aussie bloggers on a mass scale - there are over 500 of us gathered for two days of networking, training and workshops. It gives me scope to reflect on my Little Wandering Wren journey and plan my future blog strategy.

I learnt many things over the weekend but one thing resonated with me most a quote from the Problogger founder Darren’s Mum which said 

Your life will be better of you take actions 
on the things, you like to avoid

I have been pondering for a while certain aspects of my:

 “Crazy soccer mum, trying to become Zen yoga mum” life.

The first being how appropriate is it to refer to myself as a Crazy Soccer Mum when my youngest is twenty years old ... and the soccer season is over! Perhaps there’s a small element (ok a massive, whopping element) of hanging onto a past identity, uncertain what to replace it with Does anyone else have these empty-nester identity problems?!

The second quote that resonated with me from Brian Fanzo at Problogger was

“To stand out from the digital noise , 
be the one thing that no-one can be, be yourself” 

Hey, easier said than done mate, I wanted to shout out! So who was I? 

I could be ‘Crazy Poodle Wren trying to become zen yoga Wren’ but that seemed a bit of a sad replacement, cute as the dog is and even though everyone in our household would say this is completely true!

Luckily I have two friends on the Gold Coast with me, so I asked them, what is Little Wandering Wren all about? This is what we came up with and bye, bye Crazy soccer mum and hello and welcome to my new Twitter wording @LWWren:

Little Wandering Wren’s birds-eye view from Down Under!

Well that should be suitably broad enough to carry on talking about whatever tickles my fancy:

  Just wandering around, seeing what there is to see 
… and enjoying life!

Now if any of you out there have any idea of what my blog is all about or even what it should be about and let me know! In the meantime Ta-ra!

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