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Caput, cactus, cannot be fixed...

We wake this morning to the beep, beep, beeping 
of the security alarm and a burning smell. 
My bedside light won't turn on. 
The electrics are out.

Have you got time for a cuppa?
Let's make it a big one.
This could take a while...

It's a big cuppa sort of a day!
It's the 5th day of winter 
and the heating has broken. Why? 
Why, when it had all of last summer, 
or even all of the last few autumn months,
why does it have to break now?

'It's shagged' says the tradie*
"Shagged?' I repeat thinking I can't put that on my blog
'Yeah it's F*****' says his young assistant helpfully,
Hmmm, 'Please not the F word, that's worse...!'
What is wrong with the youth of today?!
'Caput**, Cactus***' he mumbles,
knowing he's overstepped the mark 
'Thank you, that's better I say, 
the C word is perfect'
'Wot???' he says...

It's pouring with rain
I take this photo staying dry through my bathroom window
hence the criss cross patterns through the flywire!

My Tradie hides his face!
So we are without heat
They can't do a quote until Tuesday
because they're really, really busy and 
it's a Queen's Birthday holiday weekend
We could be without heating for a while...

There is nothing for it but to hit Day 5 of my 30 day Abs Challenge to warm up:
30 Sit ups, 12 Crunches, 12 leg raises, 20 sec plank
I'm still cold, I think about hitting Day 6 as well
but then have a better idea
Let's hit the shops!

In Australia when it gets unbearably hot, 
and our air conditioning units struggle
we go to Chadstone Shopping Centre.
Today I'm off there to warm up.

I also have my Apple One on One lesson
booked for later in the day.

Apple One on One: Chadstone
I love my Apple lessons, my years membership gets me 
unlimited training worldwide.
In the last three months I have trained at
Regents Street - London
Fifth Avenue - New York
Grand Central Station - New York
International Finance Centre - Hong Kong
Now I am back at my home store which is warm and cosy!

It's usually organic and healthy for us!
There is just time before School pick up 
to rush into Aldi for my favourite Organic products 
but guess what they have a special promotion and I buy up big.
It's British week!

I am going to be real popular when I get home with 
Hob Nobs, Hula hoops and most important of all Branston Pickle
All on special price promotion.
You have take the girl out of England 
but you can't take the England out of the girl!
Do you ever get excited about food from your homeland?!

The excitement of a buy British week at Aldi! 
There is just one more stop before I leave, 
I work with Asylum Seekers and I am in need of some runners
for a new Women's walking group.
One of the stores has very kindly agreed to let me go through
their recycle shoe bin.
I have very specific sizes needed, but do well.
In the end I struggle to get all my shopping back to the car.
It's exhausting and I'm hot.
Could be the last time I'm warm in a while!!

Running around warms me up!

Hope you have enjoyed Day 5 of my 30 day Jump in June challenge
to show you something of my everyday life in Melbourne, Australia.
Tomorrow it would be really good if it stopped raining and nothing broke ;)
See you tomorrow!
Today I am linking with Alphabe Thursday
C -is for Caput, Cactus, Cannot...

*      Tradies:  Aussie abbreviation for tradesmen
**  Caput:    done with, over, dead, broken, the end of, no more.
***   Cactus:  dead not functioning

Product Disclosure statement - No of course I am not getting any payment, or free products from the stores mentioned. Feel free to send me a cheque to the e-mail address on the sidebar!


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