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Dandenong Ranges - A 1000 Steps

The 1000 steps is a challenging walk
in the Dandenong Ranges National Park.
It is a thirty minute drive from Melbourne's South Eastern suburbs.

It's only for those who are reasonably fit,
or happy to have their heart pounding very fast!
Even the walk from the car park to the first step
 is at such a steep incline that us novice climbers wonder 
whether this is really such a good idea?!

Luckily there is much to stop and look at, 
which gives us time to draw breath!

The Kokoda Memorial Trail follows a creek uphill, 
and as you climb you start to experience some of the feeling of 
exhaustion felt by the Australian soldiers 
on the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea in World War 11.

Before you leave the car park you can stop at the memorial which 
has plaques containing names of the soldiers who fought and died on the trail during the kokoda campaign in 1942.

Four posts with the words Courage, Endurance, Mateship and Sacrifice

As we start to climb, if you were able to talk
other than letting out some raspy out of breath groan,
you'd be telling anyone who'd listen "Great view" 

It is no wonder that this is the most popular track 
at Mount Dandenong.
The track is busy, so wildlife is limited
but the tree ferns and manna gum and blackwood are spectacular!

It takes us 40 minutes to make it the 1.5km's to the top
along the route every 250m is marked.
We take the newer trial and there is the option to walk up without the steps.

We positively skip back down!

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