Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Bolin Bolin Billabong

is my favourite Melbourne Walk.
Start and finish at Bulleen Park: 
175 Bulleen Road, Bulleen, VIC, Australia

Bolin Bolin Billabong
It is practically a city walk, 
and is one of the few remaining billabongs in an urban setting.
Apart from the hum of traffic, from the nearby Eastern freeway,
once you are walking alongside our mighty Yarra river 
you could be way more remote.

This combination of wetland and woodland walks
just screams Australian beauty to me.

Yarra river, Bulleen
The Yarra river is to Melbourne
What the Thames is to London,
and the Seine is to Paris.
She is an icon.

Yarra river Bulleen
When the river reaches our city centre, 
she is the undisputed heart of one of the world's most liveable cities.
Southbank is our city's bustling waterfront hub,
with many restaurants, hotels and apartments,
 all competing for a look-see over the water.

Whilst in downtown Melbourne, 
all eyes are on our Yarra River,
here in Bulleen she runs free, natural and untamed.

Gum trees in Bulleen Park
A billabong is a Wurundjeri word 
and is formed when an isolated pond is left behind 
after the river changes course. 
In this case around 1100AD.

Bolin Bolin is generally accepted to come from the aboriginal words 
Buln Buln meaning lyrebird.

Manna Gum Bulleen Park by Simon Horburgh
There are many animals within the parklands,
but I don't generally get to see them with the Crazy Poodle.
This is a great dog walk as the whole area is one massive offlead adventure.

Gum trees overlooking the archery fields
Giant red river gums flank the river
this is one of the most intact Red Gum wetland areas around. 
The many varieties of eucalyptus trees are amongst the stunning,
indigenous trees and plants found here,  
nestled alongside the exotic plantings of the European influence.
This area would be a painters dream!

I love that this area is a sacred and special place 
for indigenous people.
As you walk in the footsteps of the Wurundjeri people 
you will sense the history.

Information boards give you more information
and highlight some of the wildlife and 
flora and fauna that you will encounter.

Bolin Bolin was one of the biggest billabongs in the area. 
It was a significant ritual meeting place for Kulin nation gatherings 
Each April/May for many thousands of years.
up to 1000 people would gather here 
 enjoying the seasonal abundance of food in the area
with plentiful supplies of kangaroo, wallabies and eels. 

The Yarra River flats now are home to many sporting clubs.
On any one weekend this area is again a meeting place for locals
whether you are shooting a bow and arrow, 
flying a model aircraft, 
or playing Australian Rules football, soccer or cricket 
at one of the many sporting ovals.

As far as I know none of these sports clubs 
offer anything more exotic than a sausage to eat,
 eel on the menu has long gone!

I hope you have enjoyed a walk with me in my local Aussie park
Given the storms and atrocious winter weather today
these photos are from a previous visit!

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