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A Thousand Steps...

Today we're off to the 1000 Steps as punishment for a life of excess!  
Every Monday morning I meet with my 25++ friends 
for our Monday motivational hour.

The Twenty-Five ++ group was formed back in September last year
with the target to lose twenty-five kilos between us.
We're well over this, and should really be renamed as the 50++ Group,
but sensitive to the fact that this may be misconstrued as our ages,
we are reluctant to change!

We took our scales with us for our weekly weigh-in,
but ran into a problem as the car park is on quite a slope
and was not giving us accurate readings!
It was actually seriously under reading, which some of we didn't really see as too great a problem but...
in the spirit of accuracy and consistency 
we found a solution, 
well sort of...

The only completely flat area was on top of a picnic table.
Of course as intelligent Women 
 none of us would be dumb enough to weigh-in fully dressed.
Do you know how much all those clothes and gym shoes weigh??
BUT it's day two of Winter, so we have a few layers to take off...

So there we are stripping off in the car park
and dancing around trying not to get our socks wet...
So not really drawing that much attention to ourselves 
until we get up on the table,
squealing with delight, or despair, according to the reading!

Plenty of hands to help catch anyone falling off the table!
Now to set the scene, the 1000 steps is a hard physical challenge
and extremely popular with mega fit bodies.
Walkers come from miles around to take the challenge
of climbing up through the beautiful Australian Bush.
We must have looked quite a sight.

After our climb which I will share with you more tomorrow
we gathered for a recovery coffee at Handorf's Fine Chocolates in Montrose
The waitress brings us our coffee and then offers us a complimentary chocolate.
Perfect !

Blue Chocolates especially for Sally at Blue Monday!
Today my new Blog link is Inspire me Monday
Hello everyone!

Linking with Blue Monday Thank you Sally!

Jump into June : Day 2 
For all my June challenges click here!

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