Saturday, 3 January 2015

Enchanting Echidnas

Shuffling along
remarkably unperturbed by our existence,
 common and widespread around these parts,
the echidna on the path 
draws quite a crowd.

They can be shy animals 
 it's hard to get a half way decent photo.
As my earlier attempts will show...

Approach with too much excitement
and an over enthusiastic
 'come quick it's an Echidna...!'

And the little critter sinks into a bristling ball of quills
camouflaged amongst the dense undergrowth 
of the Point Nepean National Park.

Where, where they all ask?

But this one is friendly 
it's snout sniffing out ants and termites,
happy to show off it's curly hind claws.

Isn't he a cute critter?

The common Aussie echidna 
always seems so exotic to me. 
In my childhood we had hedgehogs,
but nothing as big, or enchanting as an echidna!
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Thanks Eileen!

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