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Hello and welcome to my sunny part of the world!

My name is Wren from Melbourne,  Australia.

Little Wandering Wren is a photo blog about life Down Under and beyond.
I have a sports mad family
with a crazy poodle, a smattering of teenage dramas 
and an ever ready packed suitcase,
in case it all gets too much 
as I love to travel!

Melbourne Flinders Street, Arts Centre, State Library, South Bank, Melbourne Star
You've landed here at a good time as 
it's Australia Day weekend
and we're celebrating our National Day.

So with a loud 
'Aussie, Aussie, Aussie 
Oi, Oi, Oi'
let me show you around my blog 
and introduce you to a few people.

Little Wandering Wren on the Mornington Peninsula, Vic, Australia
Here I am and this is me! 
A crazy soccer and tennis Mum. 
 A yoga loving, zen seekingtraveller 
who likes beetroot but hates cooking,
who loves her garden, the changing seasons.
and listening to the little birds sing.

A Mother Wren who in a previous generation
would probably be an empty nester by now.
Even though two of the three wrenlets 
flew the nest to the USA and Africa last year
they seem to return for an endless student life 
... and when out of money.

Travel is in their DNA.

I blame it all on their father.
We have been together 30 years this year.
Woo Hoo!
Bring that Wren a champagne please!
I only add this in case he is reading this (unlikely) 
to prompt a nice romantic trip away somewhere...

Have I told you I like to travel?!

As DH never reads this blog I can 'out' him and show Mr Wren in action
erm I'm wishing now I had tidied the kitchen first,
He is an ironer by trade
and this is his favourite party trick.
He waits for a full house and then gets out his ironing board.
He then recounts how I said all those years ago 
how I was never going to iron for any man...

We offer our house for Homestays
Last year we had eleven Japanese students visiting, 
 and two Chinese teachers.
The Japanese girls love Mr Wren's ironing party trick
Apparently it is rare for Japanese men to iron.
They take lots of photos of him with the iron!
He is quite a star on Asian Facebook.

Anyone for tennis, with the Crazy Poodle 
Taking of stars
Have you meet the Crazy Poodle
our six year old Cavoodle?
He is the only family member
 I have managed to fully train for blog photos.

Mutt, the cute Teddy Bear and park wimp, 
runs  fast like a greyhound
to escape any trouble!
He is only miserable when the suitcases come out...

My most popular blogs last year
(after 'Grow Your Blog' 2014!) were quite varied.
I like that that my followers will never quite know what they will find here!

Benny the Kool Koala was a big Blog hit.
Perhaps because he was accompanied 
by two professional tennis players
taking time out from the Australian Open?!

Australia Day 2014 describes the day
in which we finally all became Aussie Citizens

Year of the Horse was about the trials and tribulations 
of owning a tail of a racehorse 
Little Miss Hussy

was about the doors we bought in China 
and had restored as a wedding gift,
now in our Melbourne garden.

Interestingly my favourite two 2014 blogs were not the most read...
Happy Blue Bali Monday
Received some great comments and I enjoyed retelling the tale...
'LOL Oh Wren, That is without a doubt, the funniest tale ever told on Blue Monday.'

And I am Perfect was more serious, 
not least as I got into a lot of trouble from my family,
for having my undies on display for the rest of the world to see!
It was about the Victoria Secret I am Perfect campaign.

So this is my blog!
I am entirely random both in terms of frequency and content.

Initially LWW was written for family and friends, 
I have loved expanding my readership and meeting our blogging community.
Who, I am delighted to say, endlessly surprise me with their interest in my 
happy snaps and little wanderings.

It would be awesome if you would join me for the 2015 journey.
Who knows where we will go and what we will do?
With a one way ticket to Paris in April
and several business trips lined up with Mr Wren,
I'm sure it will be an exciting year.

I am offering a giveaway 
just let me know if you would like to enter
either by leaving a comment either directly below 
or for those without Google+ 
via my e-mail at
This can be easily accessed via the comments section on the sidebar.
LWW giveaway - Wren tea towel, make up bag and tissues
There is some beautiful Wren merchandise out there.
I have selected a 'Wren of Australia' Tea Towel
A Linen Press Blue embroidered make up bag
and some blue Wren paper tissues for my giveaway prize.
Good Luck! 
The winner will be announced on February 17th

Pleased to meet you through 'Grow Your Blog 2015'
I appreciate your visit 
and look forward to seeing you at your blog in the very near future.

Thank you to Vicki for organising yet another great
'Grow your blog' event!

Can't stay long
got blogs to visit and places to go!

PS more about me...

A chocoholic Pisces 
who is up with the lark (on a good day!)
and in her element listening or watching water fall
but hates to be wet or cold...

Brit by birth
who misses a toasty warm radiator in winter, country lanes 
and Walkers salt & vinegar crisps.

volunteer worker
who loves a multi-cultural lifestyle
and is proud to have a rainbow of friends.

A uncoordinated juggler who throws many balls 
and catches most, but by no means all!


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