Sunday, 8 November 2015

Melbourne Cup triumphs!

Changing of the Guards

I'm rather chuffed with this photo 
taken in the exclusive Birdcage just hours 
before our Aussie race that stops the nation.

The Birdcage is the poshest enclosure at the Melbourne Cup. 
It's home to celebrities, the creme de la creme of society, 
full VRC members
 and the hottest tickets to party.
I know, I know goodness knows what we were doing in there!

It was a bit surreal really, wandering or should I say tottering
around the Birdcage. 
Trying not to look gob-smacked at every turn.

At times I could have been forgiven for thinking I was back home in Blighty.

Firstly there was Bar Schweppes, all Pimms and Gin & Tonics
and then slightly bizarrely Emirates with it's "Hello England' theme...

Apparently these Queens Guards did a rather good Hip Hop dance routine!

This was all just hours before Michelle Payne, first female 
jockey winner of the Melbourne Cup 
told everyone, what we woman wanted to hear:
"For those who say Women aren't strong enough - get stuffed!'

To all us women who lasted all day on our high heels - well said Michelle!
Congratulations and pass me another Pimms!

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